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You can’t reach net zero without resource efficiency

Earlier this week, the climate minister, Claire Perry, asked the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to investigate a pathway for the UK to become a net zero emissions economy. This followed the publication of a major International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warning that the world must make deep cuts in carbon emissions. These, the scientists say, are necessary

Brexit means the UK can fully demonstrate its environmental credentials

This post is by Lord Howard, the former leader of the Conservative Party and former secretary of state for the environment. The British people have voted to take back control of their money, their borders and their laws. This huge transfer of power back to the British people gives us the opportunity to fulfil the government’s ambition to be the

Plastic was invented to save the environment, so beware of the next solution

Plastic has been in the press a lot lately for the damage it has been causing to the world’s oceans, but it might come as a surprise that its invention is intricately linked to an effort to avoid an environmental disaster. In the second half of the 19th century, the world faced a crisis that stemmed from the love of

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Could fines be the green watchdog’s sharpest teeth?

This post is by Andy Jordan and Brendan Moore, who are respectively the co-chair and manager of the Brexit&Environment academic network. The EU Withdrawal Bill has finally received Royal Assent. Around 200 hours were spent debating it. These discussions clarified some aspects of governance post-Brexit, but left many others open, chiefly those around the enforcement powers of the proposed green

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A breath of fresh air: the five things we should do to cut air pollution

The right of UK citizens to breathe clean air is routinely violated. In 2018, air pollution in London exceeded the legal limit for the entire year before the end of January. Across the country, toxic air is linked to 40,000 premature deaths each year. And this is not a recent phenomenon. The air in London and most urban areas in

We should solve the social housing problem with sustainable housing

This post is by Bruce Davis, founder and joint managing director of Abundance Investment The current housing crisis is, alongside Brexit, the political hot potato. According to a recent report from Shelter, 1.15 million households were on the waiting list for social housing last year, with only 290,000 homes made available. Successive governments have promised and failed to stimulate

Why we can’t keep the environment separate from economics

This article is by Kirk Hamilton, Cameron Hepburn, Alexander Teytelboym, Frank Sperling and Francois Cohen, the authors of Wealth of Nature, published by the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School and the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, in partnership with Green Economy Coalition. George Monbiot doesn’t have a reputation for pulling his punches, and his recent

A new springboard for women working in the energy sector

As a policy assistant at Green Alliance, and a woman in her mid-twenties starting my career in energy, I am usually in the minority at meetings. My experience so far of the energy sector is that men are nearly always over-representated at meetings and panels, unless the organisers have made a conscious effort to include female speakers and panellists. And some

Ten years on: reflections from the Grantham Institute on a decade of climate change research

This post is by Martin Siegert, co-director of the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London. He reflects on a decade of research and education in climate change and the environment as the institute celebrates its tenth anniversary.  With a climate sceptic in the White House, record sea ice loss and atmospheric carbon dioxide at

Why the government’s watchdog consultation is so disappointing

At long last, the government has published its environmental watchdog and principles consultation. As stubbornly technical as it sounds, the consultation is significant. In fact, despite all the positive announcements on plastic, it is probably the most significant moment yet in the government’s recent environment drive. In outlining a plan for how laws and policy will be enforced after we

Reasons to be hopeful about new funding to tackle plastic waste in developing countries

This blog is by Joanne Green, senior policy associate at Tearfund. Last year, Maria das Gracas’ house flooded eight times. As I stood with her in her home in a favela in Recife, Brazil, she told me how her community is now sorting and collecting the plastic and waste that clogs the river running through the neighbourhood, improving people’s lives and

The day protecting the environment became the right thing to do

When first announcing the government’s plans to legislate the UK’s withdrawal from the EU the prime minister assured the nation that the same rules and laws will apply on the day after exit as on the day before and that we will have a workable, certain, continuing system of law. This really matters for the environment as 80 per cent of

Why we need new maps of important local wildlife spaces to protect nature

This post is by Stephanie Hilborne OBE, chief executive of The Wildlife Trusts Most people agree that wildlife and wild places are valuable for their own sake. We now know from research across the globe that a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world is essential for our wellbeing and prosperity. But wildlife has

Why the House of Lords is holding out for a strong environmental watchdog

; The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is being debated in the House of Lords and peers have been raising their concerns about the bill’s gaps and deficiencies. They have tabled over 100 amendments to the bill, several of which are being voted on and mostly passed. The worry that Brexit might erode environmental safeguards has featured heavily  throughout the bill’s parliamentary

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