Protecting Africa’s oceans to secure our futures

Jessica Donovan-Allen, senior director of Conservation International Liberia, discusses why ocean conservation is vital in western Africa.

We’re in a global water crisis. It’s time to turn to nature

Freshwater supply is ranked third out of the top 10 global risks for humanity.

Sustainable coffee: What it really means

What does sustainably grown coffee mean?

3 ways climate change affects tropical rainforests

On International Day for the Conservation of Tropical Forests, Human Nature explores three issues and potential solutions.

To feed itself, Hawai‘i must make sea change, study finds

To feed its growing population, Hawai‘i is looking to produce more locally sourced seafood, which has a smaller environmental footprint.

Want to fight climate change? Read these 3 books first

Climate change can seem like an impossibly large problem — what can any one of us do? Three recent books can help point the way.

5 ways to go green

Here are five ways you can help the environment this year.

On World Soil Day, the future of Earth’s thin ‘skin’ is bleak

Today is World Soil Day and humans have diminished soil to less than half of what it used to be 100 years ago.

In a country racked by climate change, farming must change, too

Liberia considers how to mitigate climate change while strengthening its economy.

Sweet news: Cacao making a comeback in Mexico

In Mexico, a new effort is boosting cacao production while protecting forests in the process.

In South Africa, the future of sustainable ranching looks bright

In Africa’s most biodiverse grasslands, a fifth-generation rancher tackles the challenges of sustainable livestock.

Coalition maps the future of coffee in an uncharted climate

To make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product, we must take several key steps, including monitoring production and mapping out how climate change is affecting growing areas.

Special Report: A sea change for seafood?

A new Conservation International special report, “A sea change for seafood?,� details a novel approach that could end human rights violations in the sector.

What we’re reading: 2017 predictions edition

News you might have missed from the world of conservation.

Want to change the world? Give women land rights

More women than ever are growing the world’s food — yet men continue to make most land-use decisions.

What you need to know about palm oil — in 5 charts

Fixing the palm oil industry requires more than a palm oil boycott. Here’s what you need to know.

3 ways Brazil’s environmental decisions affect the world

Brazil is at a crossroads, and the path its leaders choose will be felt beyond the country’s borders.

How an ancient tradition could save Hawai’i’s oceans

The revival of traditional fishponds can be good for communities and coral reefs alike.

In cyclone-plagued country, forests help farmers recover

A new study explores the impacts of cyclones on Madagascar’s vulnerable smallholder farmers, who are often forced to turn to nature for survival.

3 ways Brazil’s environmental decisions affect the world

Brazil is at a crossroads, and the path its leaders choose will be felt beyond the country’s borders.

Making the Links: July 2015

From Cecil the lion to mosquito-borne disease, these news stories give us insight on links between people and planet.

Stop Treating Soil Like Dirt

We’ve seen what can happen when people manage soil poorly. But have we learned our lesson?

World Catching on to Importance of Blue Economy

Progress on high-seas conservation reflects a growing awareness that our oceans underpin human well-being.