Frugal Friday – Reselling and Shipt Shopping

Happy Friday all! Here is to another wonderful and frugal week. I have been trying for while now to meet some money goals and I had to admit to myself that I was really half assing it. I think though that I have made a turn around in the past few months and I am now gazelle intense…as Dave Ramsey would say. Sadly and also happily even though my income and savings is way up I have a trip to Vegas on the horizon for my 20th anniversary and I know

Thrift Stores Are NOT Your Friend Until They Are

At the risk of sounding like a Scrooge, I’m going to make a bold statement, but don’t write me off just yet. Read on before you decide. It’s not always a good financial practice to give away your old stuff to charity. I can’t believe I just said that in print. But let’s be real here. Charities often run thrift stores

Easy Ways to Manage Bill Time

Paying bills can be a chore to many. Other more nerdy folks, like myself, rather enjoy the process. Either way they are one of life’s necessary evils. While I can’t give a tried and true method to make bill paying a pain-free experience, especially if you have more month than money…I can help you make the actual mechanisms of

6 Money Podcasts to Listen to This Year

I am a die hard podcast listener and have been for years. I typically have my headphones on, listening to podcasts (or audio books) for 8ish hours every weekday while I work and do other things. To me it is about learning and making my mind better at every opportunity. The topics range from health, to housekeeping, to gardening and homesteading, to the law of attraction. This particular blog post will focus on my favorite money podcasts. Money is an important

The Art of Frugal Hedonism

To be frugal is to be sparing or economical with regard to money or food. Hedonism is the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence. At first it seems like these two words or concepts are at odds with each other but they actually aren’t. Not at all. I wrote an article some years about this very subject titled Frugal Luxuries…about how frugality and simple living allow you to enjoy luxuries you may not other wise be able to enjoy. A few frugal and money wise choices here and there allow

How Being Organized Can Save Time and Money

So are you bad with money or are you just disorganized? So many folks who think they just aren’t “good with money” are in actuality lacking good organizational skills. Being good with money is more about having a good mindset and good habits. Those habits need to be rooted in a very organized system. It is time to release your inner nerd and GET ORGANIZED! Once you do that, the money stuff will flow a whole lot easier. The same applies to time mismanagement. You have all the time you need, you just need to allocate things better and organize your life better. Organization is beneficial for everyone

Frugal Friday – Feeling the ibotta Love

Here are my recent wins with money… ibotta – So I am a bit late to this game I think. I joined the app about a year or so ago and quickly decided that the rebates offered where not for stuff I would normally buy. So just like coupons for random stuff you don’t need, this app was not a good fit. Fast forward to NOW and

Frugal Friday and Craigslist Love

Whew! It has been a long while since I did one of these posts. Truth be told I don’t feel as though I have been very frugal or smart with my money lately. I never even got around to making a budget for last month, let alone sticking to one. That said I did have some frugal

Frugal Friday – The Rebate Shopping Game

Last week I started to make some gift purchases. I knew I wanted to maximize every dollar by playing with rebates and cash back offers and so far it has been quite profitable. I started with my Amazon wishlist where I had been keeping the long list of the stuff the kids had mentioned wanting over the past few months. I created a general budget $600 or $200 for each child. I used Amazon to collect the wishlist

Frugal Friday – A Winter Utility Bills Challenge

I am looking for ways to save money this winter on heating costs. Last winter our peak bill was close to $600. That about knocked our socks off. It of course reminded us that we should have looked through a year’s worth of utility bills prior to buying this house. I don’t know for

Frugal Friday – Ohio Sales Tax Holiday!

Frugal Wins: Had a GREAT month of July. The extra paycheck and lots of overtime meant the best month of the year for us. Did all the back to school shopping early this morning during the Ohio sales tax holiday weekend for school supplies and clothing. I hit up a big box store for the supplies and for underpants because I had $55 in gift certificates (which I won!). Then I hit up a thrift store for the rest of the clothing. Picked up $130 for testing a product all of last month. It was a product I use every day (even if typically another brand) so it was worth my time to do

The Most Eco-Friendly Ways to Cut Utility Bills

Being eco-friendly is more about changing the way your family uses energy than buying new things to reduce usage. Remember, every item we buy requires energy to manufacture, package and ship. Even though a product helps you save water or electricity, energy is expended to create it. If you want to make your home a greener place to live, there are easy ways to reduce energy use without making a single purchase. Choose Utility Providers Wisely Who supplies your energy and where the

Frugal Friday – Paying Old Debt

Frugal Wins: Made an offer on an old debt and settled it for 50% off! Yay! This old debt stems from changing cell phone carriers. We had a two year contract and mistakenly changed carriers a measly one week early. They would not budge on the early termination fees for three phones (over $300 each) so I decided not to

Frugal Friday – Ohio Sales Tax Holiday!

Frugal Wins: Had a GREAT month of July. The extra paycheck and lots of overtime meant the best month of the year for us. Did all the back to school shopping early this morning during the Ohio sales tax holiday weekend for school supplies and clothing. I hit up a big box store for the supplies

Frugal Friday – Garden Goodies

Frugal Wins: Husband got a small bonus at work and they put it on a prepaid Mastercard rather than paying via direct deposit. Often times he spends this money like it is personal blow money. This time he gave me the card and I paid some bills freeing up that money from the regular budget. Win! Got $23 in credit

16 Ways to Raise a Family and Not Go Broke

I often hear that raising kids is sooooo expensive. I honestly don’t think that has to be true. Yes you will spend more than you would if you were childless but it doesn’t have to break the bank. It is all in how you choose to live. Frankly if you do not raise kids in a consumerist driven home environment and you do not fall into the trappings up keeping up with the Joneses and the Joneses children, you can manage quite well financially. You can manage quite well AND

Frugal Friday – Every Dollar and Focus Groups

It has been awhile since I did a frugal friday share but I am really trying to amp up my frugality and finance savvy recently. Primarily I am so obsessed with all things finances because we bought our house last year a bit before we were ready. We caught house fever as Dave Ramsey would say. We let emotions and a wee bit of anger about our rent going up make us jump into a big decision. I love our house and

5 Ways Moms Can Make Some Extra Cash

Ever since I started following Dave Ramsey I have been been thinking more and more about different ways to earn money. His followers often talk about their Dave jobs, which are actually second jobs, side jobs, or any little jobs you can pick up to earn extra money to further your financial goals. Budgeting and cutting expenses is great but when you already have a bare bones budget or you cannot imagine cutting every little luxury from life, you need to think about boosting your income instead. Every little bit helps. It helped us pay off our two car loans in just a matter of months! Here are six ways you can earn a 

Reasons the Smart Home is Getting Even Smarter

Smart homes are becoming more and more common these days, and home builders are incorporating technologies that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. Here’s a few of the technologies coming to a home near you, and how they’ll make your life easier. Smart Thermostats Smart thermostats are special heating and cooling control devices that can automatically change the temperature in your home based on presets or your behavior. They can also be manually changed by turning a dial or changing the temperature on the device or via

Frugal Friday – Always Check Your Bills

Happy frugal friday all! My frugal wins for the week include: I guess this same item is a fail and a win. For the first time in seven months I actually LOOKED at my Internet bill. I was being charged for equipment insurance and a monthly magazine outlining their cable offerings. Called and got those removed, saving $9.00 a month. The fail part is because it took me too long to catch that! Scored a brand new, with tags pair of $60 shoes at the thrift store. Paid only $15 and now I can stop wearing

Frugal Friday

Happy frugal friday all! My frugal wins for the week include: Paid off a credit card. We got a Lowes card about four months ago to purchase a riding mower. We got a nice chunk of money off the mower and had six months to pay it back interest free so we jumped on

Frugal Friday – Thrift Stores

Happy frugal friday all! My frugal wins for the week include: Finding compost buckets at the thrift store. I paid $1.91 each and now we can stop using our mixing bowls. Yay! I found the clothing for my daughter’s Halloween costume at the thrift store for $4.00, then I just had to buy a small bit of makeup and some masking tape. Fairly easy and very cheap costume. She is going as a creepy marionette, if you wanted to know. Picked up like-new winter boots for my youngest son at

Frugal Friday – Yay for Rebates!

My husband and I have recently started to see financial matters in a new light. I think it may be because we have never (until recently) in 17 years of marriage, made a budget. That never really put us in the red though so we saw no reason to change. But now with a new house and some other financial obligations we are starting to see that operating without a budget and a plan has meant lots of