More Kids Are Doing Yoga and Using Natural Remedies Like Melatonin and Fish Oil, Report Says

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The Source for Organic Superfoods Snacks: Essential Living Foods

Superfoods. You know they’re good for you. How many have you eaten today? Maybe you’ll have avocado with your lunch or salmon for dinner. But what about snack time? I’ve just discovered a new source for healthy snacks made with some of the most nutritious superfoods on earth – like quinoa, goji berries , goldenberries and…Read the whole

Why Soak Nuts. Health+Taste Benefits

Over the last couple of years, my family has made diet changes based on our health issues. I have been struggling with my gut issues for awhile. So, my family is eating fewer grains and more nuts from almond milk, almond flour, and raw nuts. While investigating my issues, I learned that their nut consumption might be causing more harm than good. Seeds,

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3 Reasons to Add Farro to Your Diet

There’s been a new grain in my dinnertime rotation lately and I thought you might like to learn about it. Actually, it’s not a new grain at all – it’s an ancient grain called farro. Farro (prounced FAHR-oh) is a strain of hard wheat, also known as emmer wheat, that has been a favorite in Italy since ancient Roman…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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