What the circular economy’s early days look like for Amazon and Nike

Billions upon billions of products and consumers served.

In good company: How Obvious Ventures is disrupting venture capital

Impact investing isn’t about being”cute.”

It’s not easy being a (green) thought leader

Here’s what it looks like to embrace a ‘messy approach to innovation.’

Innovation is the key to unlocking clean energy

Harness the fact that change is constant to create jobs, bolster our economy and improve our lives.

It’s time to reimagine carbon

It requires a new language and tools, and they’re emerging even faster than you think. Covestro, Interface, LaFarge-Holcim and UBS get it.

Tips for sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs seeking capital

How do you balance “doing well” with “doing good” when it comes to raising money for startups? A new platform from MIT can help.

Hawaii’s energy transition needs local entrepreneurs to thrive

The state is home to nationally recognized startup incubators that are hoping to hatch innovations in both technologies and business models.

Learning our scales (or why size really matters)

What sci-fi can teach us about the future of innovation.

Sustainable business at a crossroads, again

Most companies still have yet to crack the sustainability code. Here’s why.

Impossible Foods cooks up a new paradigm for the food system

Mission possible: Impossible Foods’ sustainability manager discusses how the startup built a plant-based burger that may revolutionize fast food.

Sustainability is disruptive talk but wears incremental trousers

While we’re good at looking at the biggest picture and thinking long-term, we’re missing what’s going on inside our organizations.

Accelerating sustainably in Tel Aviv’s fast lane

The first start-up accelerator was founded in Tel Aviv as recently as 2011. By 2015, the city had accelerated like a Tesla.

We must support the transition to low carbon by phasing out high carbon

This post is by Jenny Bird, Dr Florian Kern, Dr Paula Kivimaa and Dr Karoline Rogge from the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand. Prior to the era of Donald Trump, tweeting was an unusual way to make a government announcement. But a tweet from the UK team at the 2014 UN climate summit in New York declared David Cameron’s

Is more tech the answer to climate woes? New study says yes

New study shows that tenfold increase in the pace of clean tech deployment is required to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

4 obstacles blocking low-carbon technologies

Technology holds the key to the low-carbon transition — and investors can turn it.

The plurality of ‘the next big thing’

Sponsored story: NRG Energy takes a nuanced perspective on innovation in electricity markets.

Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials

As a direct consequence of increasing concerns around environmental sustainability, and with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of any building, architects are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to build responsibly, yet imaginatively. Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials is a comprehensive guide to creating sustainable buildings, using a range of […]

Phoenix rising: Creating a ‘future fit’ business

Out of the current volatility and uncertainty emerges a new way of doing business

Innovators need a voice in government too

This post is by independent researcher and Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis. It’s obvious, when you think about it, that emerging industries and innovators have less of a voice in government than established players. Incumbents have a lot of advantages: … Continue reading →

Dog Portrait Made from Reclaimed Cardboard

Artist Ali Golzad created the awesome dog portrait pictured above out of reclaimed corrugated cardboard, but his depth as an artist goes much deeper. I didn’t understand folks who had portraits done of their dogs until my husband and I adopted our sweet rescue a few years ago. Now I could totally see myself wanting a piece of wall art featuring our sweet girl Jenna. The cut up pieces of cardboard give the piece a beautiful texture, don’t they? You almost want to reach out and pet this sweet pup! The dog is named Lucy, and Golzad created the

Vehicle-mounted cameras see when buildings leak energy

Essess, an MIT spin-off, automates thermal imaging on a very large scale. Its innovation is spurring the interest of utilities, government agencies and the military.