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Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

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LA’s new cleantech chief and a champion for tomorrow’s talent

July’s monthly Names in the News roundup of sustainable business career moves covers cities, clean tech and more.

EDF Climate Corps still growing strong after 10 years

The Environmental Defense Fund has placed more than 800 fellows on corporate energy projects since its inception.

A millennial’s math on compensation

The idea that ‘doing good’ in this world won’t earn you money, while earning good money will require professional compromise, remains widely accepted in business. This assumption is nonsense.

From Uber to Ford; Detroit and Honolulu see green

This month’s Names in the News roundup of green business career moves spans the world of transportation, cities and apparel.

Marching for climate, justice, jobs and action

On the eve of the People’s Climate March, 100 women working in climate convened to show that gender justice, climate justice and jobs walk together.

Dear Shannon: Breaking into the secret jobs market

Ever wonder why you’re not getting the roles you apply for? Hint: it’s because most jobs are filled via networks, not applications.

10 States Leading the Pack in Clean Energy Jobs

By Joel Jaeger The solar , wind and energy efficiency industries already employ millions of people in the U.S. and they’re poised to grow. According to the U.S. Department of Energy , there are 374,000 American jobs in solar energy, 102,000 in wind energy and more than 2.2 million related to energy efficiency. For comparison, 160,000 Americans work in coal , 360,000 in natural gas and 515,000 in oil. Solar and wind are among the most dynamic industries in the nation.

Climate Corps is a testing ground for future problem-solvers

With 4.4 million fellows and growing, the EDF program is an invaluable resource for sustainability leaders in the making.

Why coal country must be part of the clean economy

One of the most remarkable developments in recent years has been the relatively drama-free embrace in many corners of the private sector of the concept of environmental externalities. Arguments over the indirect costs of fossil fuel combustion — climate change, mercury contamination, ground level ozone and the like — have been a form of hand-to-hand combat in utility rate cases and other regulatory actions for years.

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Uber nabs NASA flying car guru; from St. Regis to green building

In this month’s Names in the News roundup of green business career moves: New hires at the ridesharing giant, Amazon and the Southface Energy Institute.

How many jobs does clean energy create?

Jobs in solar power exceed those in oil, gas or coal extraction. And there are more surprises.

Can coal miners become solar technicians?

A deep-dive into the numbers behind labor and renewable energy.

A new power player at PG&E, Boeing grabs GE’s aviation chief

This month’s Names in the News roundup of green business career moves spans the worlds of utilities, cities, clean energy and more.

Facebook gears up for ‘social VR’; Chicago gets its first CRO

This month’s Names in the News sustainability career round up ranges from Chicago’s first resilience chief to a new ocean policy guru.

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Big career shifts: Utility exec to solar CEO, Dell to NRG

This month’s Names in the News roundup of green business career moves includes a former Duke Energy executive’s jump to REC solar and a new VP for NRG.

Smart PR or sustainability? Inside Target’s $40 million food investment

The full effect of big-budget corporate community spending really depends on a company’s business model.

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