X-CHENG Sleeping Bag – ECO Friendly Materials – Waterproof & Machine Washable – 40℉ Available – Perfect for Camping, Hiking – Color Blocking – Comes with Complimentary Gift(Orange)

Product description √The sleeping bag design with soft inner fabrics and 100% polyester outer. We are strive to provide the highest quality products packed with innovative features designed. You can count on us for the very best customer service √Make it a couple: The sleeping bag has two colors. If you buy the blue one […]

My Golfing Log Book: Golf Green Materials, 6 x 9, Track 100 Games of Golf

Love Golf? Then you probably have a pile of golf logs lying in a drawer somewhere already. Why not use a golf log book so you can have every game you play at your fingertips. You can track putts, strokes, bunkers, best shots and pretty much anything else you want to know with this journal.By […]

Why chemists — not just economists — are key to a circular future

We need a better understanding of the circular economy, and chemical engineers might hold the answer.

Phoenix launches a hub for the circular economy

A new incubator from the Arizona State University and the city of Phoenix finds ways for both public and private organizations to overhaul waste.

Got plants? Bio-based shoes, lingerie, auto parts and more

From corn shoes manufactured by Reebok to lingerie fabric Naia made by Eastman to all sorts of packaging and electronics, bio-based, compostable products are reaching market.

Can Apple close the loop? Tech giant targets 100% recycled material

Apple is aiming to use 100 percent recycled materials to make its iPhones, Macbooks and other electronics products in the future in a bid to reduce its reliance on mined raw materials, the company revealed last week.

Inside the strange, circular world of advanced materials

Manufacturers such as BSF, Dow and Eastman are racing to develop recyclable, reusable and durable materials with which to build the future.

Materials Matter: Toward a Sustainable Materials Policy (Urban and Industrial Environments)

The products we purchase and use are assembled from a wide range of naturally occurring and manufactured materials. But too often we create hazards for the ecosystem and human health as we mine, process, distribute, use, and dispose of these materials. Until recently, most research has focused on the waste end of material cycles. This […]

Yoga pants, fleece jackets and the microplastics dilemma

No clothing brand intended for their synthetic products to be discharged into the environment in the former of tiny bits of plastic. Now that they know, they must step up and tackle the problem.

Dow, BASF, Eastman stir up new formulas for safer chemicals

The market opportunity for safer chemicals to replace those suspected to hold endocrine disruptors and other toxins is estimated to be headed to $100 billion by 2020.

Landscape conservation: The opportunity for companies and supply chains

Sponsored: Aligning the interests of companies and communities to protect, restore and conserve land should be part of every company’s commodity supply-chain strategy.

Materials for Sustainable Sites: A Complete Guide to the Evaluation, Selection, and Use of Sustainable Construction Materials

This complete guide to the evaluation, selection, and use of sustainable materials in the landscape features strategies to minimize environmental and human health impacts of conventional site construction materials as well as green materials. Providing detailed current information on construction materials for sustainable sites, the book introduces tools, techniques, ideologies and resources for evaluating, sourcing, […]

7 reports making a difference

From ecosystem management to plastic reduction, ocean economies to transportation, 2016 saw good ideas put on paper to invite action. We combed through the year’s reports to distill bright ideas about sustainable approaches to the economy.

You’ll never guess how CO2 can save us

Carbon dioxide is a waste product that is heating up our planet — but it also may be an unexpected solution to climate change.

Sustainable Materials – With Both Eyes Open (Without the Hot Air)

Winner of:ALA Outstanding Academic Title This evidence-based survey presents a holistic vision of options for a sustainable future by going beyond efficient and clean production to the inclusion of material efficiency and the reduction of demand. Beginning with an all-encompassing examination of the uses of the five most important materials—steel, aluminum, cement, plastic, and paper—this exploration […]

Bill Gates’ $14 million sees a future in low-carbon plastics

Since the billionaire launched the Breakthrough Energy Coalition last year, you’ve heard little about his low-carbon investments, until today.

Bamboo – The ABCs of Green Building Materials

Originally published on GreenBuildingElements.com Bamboo is a truly remarkable green building material. It’s twice as strong as concrete and slightly stronger than steel. It’s also a renewable resource that needs little energy to grow, prevents soil erosion, provides biomass, offers wildlife refuge, and produces a healthy food supply for both wildlife and humans. Offering significant [&hellip Bamboo – The ABCs of Green Building Materials was originally posted on: PlanetSave. To read more from Planetsave, join thousands of others and subscribe to our free RSS feed, follow us on Facebook (also free), follow us on Twitter, or just visit our homepage.

Why manufacturing will make or break the future of energy

Forget your MakerBot. The Department of Energy has a plan for a new production paradigm.

Episode 39: Ford, Jose Cuervo rethink plastic; Apple buys forests?

This week’s GreenBiz 350 podcast: Turning Tequila byproducts into car parts; Apple banks on forests; big-time investors back on renewables; and the future of food.

Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials

As a direct consequence of increasing concerns around environmental sustainability, and with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of any building, architects are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to build responsibly, yet imaginatively. Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials is a comprehensive guide to creating sustainable buildings, using a range of […]

Sustainable Materials Without the Hot Air: Making Buildings, Vehicles and Products Efficiently and with Less New Material

Part of the hugely popular Without the Hot Air series, this book is accessibly written from an engineering perspective on a wide range of materials Presenting a vision of change for how future generations can still use steel, cement, plastics, etcetera, but with less impact on the environment, this book is a wake-up call first, […]

Understanding Green Building Materials

A companion to Understanding Green Building Guidelines, this primer explains green building products―what they are and how to choose them. From eco-friendly sheetrock to sustainable paint finishes, the green building movement is gaining momentum. But with new products, manufacturers, and standards being introduced routinely, how are architects or designers to know what’s best for their […]

Why more businesses haven’t caught onto ‘industrial symbiosis’

This post first appeared on BusinessGreen. There’s an old joke about generating electricity from nuclear fusion: that it’s always just 50 years away, no matter when you’re starting from. Perhaps unfairly, I have the same feeling about industrial symbiosis, the idea … Continue reading →