Exploring Rio Secreto, the Riviera Maya’s Amazing Underground River

Exploring Rio Secreto, the Riviera Maya’s Amazing Underground River originally appeared on Green Global Travel. Caves held a strange, primal allure for me long before we visited Rio Secreto. From reading about Tom Sawyer’s adventures in Mark Twain’s classic novel to watching movies such as The Goonies and the original Indiana Jones trilogy, I’ve always associated caves with adventure, exploration, and intrigue. We’ve been fortunate to visit caves all around the world on our travels, from southeastern U.S. sites such as Ruby Falls and Craighead Caverns to the ancient cliffs of Petra and the Milodon Caves of Patagonia. No matter where

Mexico Revokes Monsanto’s Permit to Market GMO Soy in Seven States

Monsanto has lost its permit to commercialize genetically modified (GMO) soy in seven Mexican states, Reuters reported. Mexico’s agriculture sanitation authority SENASICA revoked the permit—a decision that the St. Louis-based seed giant called unjustified. Citing a SENASICA document, Mexican newspaper Reforma reported that the permit was revoked after authorities detected Monsanto’s GMO soy in unauthorized areas. But Monsanto rejected that argument. According to a statement seen by Reuters, the company

China, Mexico and U.S. Target Illegal Totoaba Trade to Save Nearly Extinct Vaquita

As the first trilateral meeting of the governments of China, Mexico and the U.S. on illegal totoaba trade came to an end Friday, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) urged swift action to halt the trafficking of totoaba swim bladders and save the vaquita . The world’s most endangered marine mammal—the vaquita porpoise—is teetering on the brink of extinction as individuals are trapped as bycatch in gillnets cast illegally to capture totoaba—also a critically endangered species . The totoaba and vaquita are species endemic to the Upper Gulf of

Never Before Seen Footage of Rare Cuvier’s Beaked Whales

Sea Shepherd’s research vessel the R/V Martin Sheen returned to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island to continue its study of Cuvier’s beaked whales, capturing never before seen drone footage of these rare and elusive cetaceans. During the two-week expedition, Mexican lead-scientist Gustavo Cardenas and American collaborator Jenny Trickey, deployed various acoustic devices to compare their effectiveness. The scientists will return and

The trees protecting your coffee — and the farmers who grow it

The “One Tree for Every Bag Commitment” provides disease-resistant trees to farmers struggling with the impacts of climate change.

Why Millions of Monarch Butterflies Are Dying in Mexico

By Alicia Graef While international efforts are underway to help keep dwindling populations of monarch butterflies from disappearing, scientists are raising concerns about how severe weather and a loss of forest habitat at their wintering grounds in Mexico are affecting them. Every year, monarchs embark on an epic multigenerational migration that takes them thousands of miles from Canada and the U.S. in search of sites in California and Mexico. The fir trees in the southern regions offer the shelter and warmth they need to survive the winter. Thinkstock Unfortunately, these vital forests in Mexico have been