Top 25 Most Endangered Primates: the Most Current List

By Mike Gaworecki Earlier this month, a new orangutan species discovered in Sumatra, Indonesia officially became the eighth great ape species known to exist on Earth—and, thanks to habitat destruction caused by the expansion of human development, it instantly became one of the most endangered great apes on the planet, too. There are believed to be fewer than 800 Batang Toru orangutans ( Pongo tapanuliensis ), as the new species is called (it’s also sometimes referred to as the Tapanuli orangutan), all living in a degraded primary forest on Sumatra increasingly surrounded and bisected by roads. But

Slideshow: 20 New Species of 2016

By Shreya Dasgupta Discovering a new species is always exciting—it shows that much of our world remains to be explored and described. This year, too, scientists discovered and described several new species of animals and plants, including 13 new dancing peacock spiders, a new crab that was found in a pet market, a new species of whale, a tarantula that shoots balls of barbed hair at enemies and one bird that is now 13 distinct species. Unfortunately, many of the new species are already on the brink of extinction, threatened by poaching , wildlife trade, habitat destruction and diseases. Below are Mongabay’s picks for top new species discovered in 2016 (in no particular order). Note: for each entry, the publication and