Inside the global war on plastic pollution

How did we get here? Where is all this going?

Plastic was invented to save the environment, so beware of the next solution

Plastic has been in the press a lot lately for the damage it has been causing to the world’s oceans, but it might come as a surprise that its invention is intricately linked to an effort to avoid an environmental disaster. In the second half of the 19th century, the world faced a crisis that stemmed from the love of

What will it take to end plastic pollution?

Collaboration. Innovation. Persistence. But, mostly, patience.

Can upcycling really help the oceans?

Adidas, Bureo and other companies transform marine plastic into shoes and skateboards. But there is a limit to how much impact this can have.

This quiet innovation is changing the world of plastic

Bunzl explores how conventional plastics are bending and adapting in a renewable direction.

Our Plastic Legacy: How To Quit Plastic, Want Less & Live Green Daily

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever created from the time of invention in 1905 until now is still in existence today? Did you also know that by 2030 (just shy of 2 more decades) there will be more plastic in the oceans, than fish? Follow along in this conversational and action-oriented book […]

Opportunities for plastics in a circular world

As world population increases, so does the consumption of resources as economies expand. Without arguing about whether some or all of these resources are finite, it is clear to many that to the extent we can recover material which has become waste after its initial use, the more likely we are to sustainably carry out those activities of consumption in the years to come.

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Why I used crowdfunding to bring a truckload of plastic trash to Stockholm

It’s one thing to read about huge plastic gyres in the middle of the Pacific. It’s another thing to stare the actual plastic in the face.

Adidas and the mainstreaming of the circular economy

If you read our insights regularly, these three revelations won’t necessarily be a news flash:

Episode 63: Banks remove blinders to climate risks; Beyond LEED with USGBC CEO

On this week: Holmes Hummel on taking the energy revolution to the utilities of the heartland. Can the conservative case for climate action thwart the Trumpocalpse?

From Amcor to Dow to Veolia, what the ‘New Plastics Economy’ means

Fifteen global brands pledged to find replacements for polystyrene, expanded polystyrene and PVC. What’s next?

Episode 61: 100RC debuts all 100 cities; Cambrian’s water-as-a-service model

On this week’s podcast: Is China taking over the green bond market? How will artificial intelligence revolutionize supply chains?

How P&G, Unilever are washing beaches clean of plastic

Forty companies from Amcor to Veolia have pledged to recycle 70 percent of plastics. What’s good for the oceans is also good for business.

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Michigan Bans Local Plastic Bag Bans

Another state has officially banned plastic bag bans —yes, you read that correctly. It is now illegal for local governments in Michigan to enact ordinances that ban or place fees on plastic bags or disposable containers used by stores and restaurants. One-time usage, plastic bags are a major cause of plastic pollution. Flickr The bill was signed Wednesday afternoon by Republican Lt. Gov.

What we’re reading: good news edition

News you might have missed from the world of conservation.

World’s First Aerial Survey of Great Pacific Garbage Patch: ‘It’s Worse Than We Thought’

Boyan Slat , the 22-year-old Dutch inventor and CEO behind The Ocean Cleanup , announced today preliminary results of the organization’s latest major research mission, the Aerial Expedition , the first-ever aerial survey of an ocean garbage patch . Boyan Slat next to Ocean Force One, which will help accurately quantify the ocean’s biggest and most harmful debris—discarded fishing gear called ghost nets. The Ocean Cleanup “One of the things that we are already able to share is right at the edge of [the Great Pacific Garbage Patch], we came across more objects than we were expecting to find in the center

Bill Gates’ $14 million sees a future in low-carbon plastics

Since the billionaire launched the Breakthrough Energy Coalition last year, you’ve heard little about his low-carbon investments, until today.

Meet the 22-year-olds tackling our plastic waste

Start-up BioCellection is negotiating for the first commercial use of its polystyrene recycling technology.

Here’s what a global treaty on plastics should look like

Plastic pollution harms more than just the ocean, and it’s time we did something about it.

‘Trash man’ Nick Mallos: How sailing teams fight ocean plastic

The Ocean Conservancy’s director of trash free seas explains the latest engagement in battling marine waste.

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