#Budget2017: From green to grey in 6 weeks

In British politics, governing is as much performance art as it is accounting. Even ‘Fiscal Phil’, that most studious scrutiniser of the spreadsheet knows this. Perhaps this is why his green headlines ahead of the budget were about a single use plastics tax, a clampdown on dirty diesels and a push on EVs. These followed a green October, with Michael

MPs’ scrutiny of the Withdrawal Bill is crunch time for the environment

As Greener UK has already highlighted, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is crucial in ensuring the protection of the UK’s environment. So we will be on high alert when MPs begin their detailed scrutiny of the bill in a little over a week. It has some major deficiencies, including the omission of the environmental principles which underpin many of our strongest

Why the clean growth plan will be important to young voters

Climate and the environment have been steadily making their way up the political agenda of the British public, and younger voters are leading the march. In 2012, when the then Department for Energy and Climate Change carried out the first wave of its energy and climate change public opinion tracker, only two per

Brexit: time to get serious

One of Mrs Thatcher’s governments’ most enduring achievements was the European single market, steered into existence by the Conservative European Commissioner, Lord Cockfield. In his memoirs, Cockfield recalled the time he had to tell the prime minister that introducing the single market would entail a degree of tax harmonisation to prevent trade barriers. “I said that

The green business guide to Brexit: 10 questions to ask

Brexit throws up countless uncertainties for green businesses, but they should not be allowed to paralyze decision makers.

Why progressive sustainability ultimately will win

Given the ringing success of the SDGs and Paris Agreement, don’t be surprised that the nationalist right is rising up now.

How to keep your head during a U.S. presidential transition

Watch these four indicators, and remember four words from Ancient Rome.

Twitter Is Dead

As a Force for Social Good Twitter Abets Child Sex Tourism In an era of right-wing authoritarian fascism and left-wing elitist corruption; and economic, social, and environmental decline, I have been stunned by having been repeatedly kicked off of Twitter as I addressed these matters, including occasionally tweeting regarding disclosures made to me and many others by a Congressman of having raped children. The social network has jumped the shark and is no longer a voice for social justice, political truth, or environmental sustainability, and has little relevance in keeping children safe or other efforts to confront abuses

Conference diary: plenty of talk of power but where was energy?

Travelling back to London on an overcast Wednesday afternoon (in the booked seat of a train company that shall remain nameless), the air conditioning broke and a small but steady stream of water leaked from the ceiling into my lap. The same thing happened to other people up and down the length of the carriage: dripping on scalps, trickling down backs and, in one unfortunate case, pouring straight onto a hapless worker’s laptop. The incident led to much British tutting and rolling of eyes.

The demise of DECC: some thoughts on moving the furniture

This post is by Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis. It was first posted on her blog. Goodbye, DECC. I’ve known you for eight years. In that time, you created a world-leading system of national carbon budgeting, and oversaw an impressive … Continue reading →

What motivates politicians to act on climate change?

This post is by Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis who is working with us on a new research project, in collaboration with Lancaster University. How often have you heard the lament amongst environmentalists, “what’s lacking is political will”? If only politicians … Continue reading →

The Film Donald Trump Does Not Want You to See

How big is this movie? So big that Trump threatened to sue the…

17 Funniest Tweets on GOP Debate Failing to Even Mention Climate Change

If you were holding your breath last night waiting for one of the 10 GOP presidential candidates to mention…

Fox News Asks Sen. Graham: How Can Republicans ‘Trust’ You After Working on Climate Bill?

During the debate, Hemmer asked Graham, “you worked with Democrats and President Obama when it came to…

Koch Brothers Trump the Donald

Trump is a seemingly perfect candidate for the Koch brothers, who, along with…

Hillary ‘Skeptical’ of Obama’s Plans to Allow Oil Drilling in the Arctic

“I have doubts about whether we should continue drilling in the Arctic. And I don’t think…

Hillary Dodges Questions on Climate, Keystone and Fracking in Facebook Q&A

Hillary Clinton fielded questions from voters on this week and many of the…

David Cameron must now lead a green Conservative government

This post is by Ben Goldsmith, founder of green investment business WHEB and chairman of the Conservative Environment Network. It first appeared in The Spectator. Those on the left tend to think that British Conservatism is a derivative of US … Continue reading →

Five things we learned from the Greener Britain Hustings

At the Greener Britain Hustings, senior party representatives debated with the general public what they will do, if they get into power at the next election, to create a greener Britain. Unlike some of the other election debates on offer, … Continue reading →

Why wildlife needs a youth movement

This post is by Matt Williams, a committee member of A Focus on Nature, the UK’s leading youth conservation organisation. A few days ago I happened upon Some thoughts on the common toad, a little known essay by George Orwell. … Continue reading →

Big questions for a Greener Britain from WWF UK

This post is by David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF UK, in advance of the Greener Britain hustings. It also appeared on the WWF UK blog. It feels, at last, as though we are into the final straight of what has seemed … Continue reading →