Emissions in NYC, plastic-eating bacteria, more accurate forecasts: 3 big stories you might have missed

Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

What the circular economy’s early days look like for Amazon and Nike

Billions upon billions of products and consumers served.

43 Awesome Upcyled DIY Project Ideas

Upcycled teacup lights for your lady. Use a ceramic drill bit for the holes DIY solar charger from an old Altoids can. Find the DIY guide here: http://www.greenmoxie.com/make-a-solar-charger-from-an-upcycled-altoids-can/ Recycle your old dominoes to make this cool clock Upcycled TV set turned aquarium – what’s not to like? Recycled tire horse swings are cooler and more comfy. Use an old rake to make this upcycled wine glass holder for your bar. Old spoons make up this great upcycled lamp shade. Upcycled PVC pipe periscope – find the DIY here: http://www.greenmoxie.com/cool-diy-toys-you-can-make-with-your-kids

Amid other ambitious targets, closing the loop remains elusive in Hawaii

“Away” has a different meaning for the string of islands.

How to keep computers out of landfills and recyclers out of prison

Could a circular economy solution among suppliers fix Eric Lundgren’s predicament?

TerraCycle: Eliminating the idea of waste by recycling everything

Tom Szaky built a company around one question: ‘Why does waste exist?’ Now it’s entering a new phase of growth.

Will corporate action on ocean plastic make an impact? 6 ways to tell

The supersize problem requires the biggest businesses to take action.

Rethinking paper and sustainable printing

Sponsored: Going paperless seems a good way to protect the environment, but it is not entirely realistic for the modern office and, increasingly, unnecessary.

Why consumer electronics giants are flunking toxic phaseouts

And what other industry sectors can learn from those shortcomings.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation: 9 ways to design the circular economy

The EMF offers a glimpse at its online Disruptive Innovation Festival coming Monday.

The circular economy is at an inflection point

Getting there requires walking the fine line between risk and opportunity.

This quiet innovation is changing the world of plastic

Bunzl explores how conventional plastics are bending and adapting in a renewable direction.

We will close the loop on waste by 2030

Closed Loop Partners finds the “take-make-waste” cycle giving way to a new model just as powerful as the rise of solar and wind energy.

Recycling is changing: What business needs to know

Understanding demographic shifts is just one way to ensure a successful recycling program.

Three simple ways European product design can help eliminate poverty abroad

This post is by Richard Gower, senior associate for economics and policy at Tearfund. This post first appeared on Tearfund’s policy blog. In poor nations, millions of people already make their living from ‘circular’ trades such as repair and recycling. The way we design our products in the EU – the toxic chemicals we permit and the ease of repair

Why the UK could soon face recycling chaos

In 2013, China sent shock waves through the recycling world in the west by launching Operation Green Fence, a campaign that rejected at least 800,000 tonnes of substandard recyclable waste imports and withdrew 247 import licenses. This focused minds in the UK, because we have grown dependent on exports of low quality recyclate, which our producer responsibility system accidentally encourages.

Can activist investors encourage better carpet recycling?

Only 1 percent of carpet discards are turned back into new carpet. Here’s one formula for change.

How ‘catalytic philanthropy’ could solve global waste

If donors are willing to donate to NGOs addressing education, health or environmental issues, why not also back solutions put forth by small businesses?

Sustainability and pallets: Making change for the long haul

Corrugated cardboard is far lighter than wood, plus it simultaneously saves money, reduces carbon footprints and advances zero-waste goals.

3 ways to move your company toward the circular economy

It’s time for global businesses to adopt “make, use, return” as our collective operational mantra.

Don’t let the ‘big picture’ paralyze circular economy projects

What is needed right now is investment, commitment and a willingness to live at the edge of uncertainty.

Opportunities for plastics in a circular world

As world population increases, so does the consumption of resources as economies expand. Without arguing about whether some or all of these resources are finite, it is clear to many that to the extent we can recover material which has become waste after its initial use, the more likely we are to sustainably carry out those activities of consumption in the years to come.

Bipartisan group of former federal CSOs has some advice for President Trump

With the fate of federal sustainability initiatives up in the air, former advisers to Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama offer their perspective on why the new administration should build on decades of progress.