A foodie break in Caen là Mer, Normandy

Description: Sarah Baxter samples the foodie delights of the Caen la Mer region, joining Parisians stocking up on fresh fish and learning about Normandy's love of all things apples and pears. Sarah Baxter samples the foodie delights of the Caen là Mer region, joining Parisians stocking up on fresh fish and learning about Normandy’s love of all things apples and pears.Sampling Calvados in La Boîte à Calva, Caen. Photo: Sarah BaxterFingers crossed, I descended the creaking stairs of the guesthouse to see if he’d been… It was 6.30am. Was it too early? When I reached the hallway, I found the bread hatch –

You Look Great…For Your Age. Umm, Thanks?

press sample affiliate link RoC Retinol Correxion Max Daily Hydration Crème Review Although it’s not commonly seen as one, this is a backhanded compliment: “You look great…for your age.” How many of us have heard that? Ever since entering my late 30’s (and now almost 41) it is something

NYX Eyeshadow Palettes: Big Color, Not Big Price

NYX is really a game changer in the budget beauty industry. The two latest NYX eyeshadow palettes-the Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette and the I Love You So Mochi Palette–are solid competition for expensive brands, both in their color range and formula. The NYX Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette ($20) contains four colors, and each color comes in three finishes (matte, shimmer and metallic). The Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette is available in four different color ranges: Smoke Screen (smokey tones); Sugar High (coral, blush, mauve tones); Warm Rust (warm rustic tones); and Electric (bright tones). I tested the Ultimate Multi-Finish Palette in Electric

Villages Nature Paris

Description: Holly Rooke visits French resort Villages Nature Paris, a large collection of holiday cottages just 20 miles from the French capital, to see large scale sustainable tourism in action. Holly Rooke visits French resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of holiday cottages just 20 miles from the French capital, to see how it has incorporated sustainable principles into its large scale design and operations.Au naturel. Villages Nature Paris. Photo: Holly RookeThe new resort Villages Nature Paris, a collaboration between EuroDisney S.C.A

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss: Swatches of all 20 Shades

press sample affiliate link Glosses that Dance to the Beat of Every Drummer Is there anything more fun than lip gloss? Not for me. Not right now. Why? Because new to the scene is Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine lip gloss in twenty colors and four finishes (at a totally reasonable $20 a piece), and we got to swatch and try all of them. Paaarrr-taay! We all know that Urban Decay is the patron saint of makeup glitter and funky colors, as well as the creator of the uber-popular Naked palettes, So while fun and funk is abound, there is always something

The Catalan Pyrenees, from the sea to the summits

Description: Our blog and video about our 12-day trip from the sandy beaches and coastal towns of Costa Brava to the snowy forests and towering peaks of Val d’Aran in the Catalan Pyrenees From the sandy beaches and coastal towns of Costa Brava to the snowy forests and towering peaks of Val d’Aran, Greentraveller’s bloggers Richard Hammond and Holly Rooke travelled with photographer Chris Willan through the wonderfully diverse landscapes of northern Catalonia into the Pyrenees. The trip was featured on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #CatalunyaExperience #Visitpirineus. Below are some of the highlights of the trip.1935 Hotel & ApartmentsOur first night was a great introduction to Catalan cuisine. In our opinion, the food

Villages Nature Paris: bringing sustainability to large-scale tourism

Description: Holly Rooke visits French eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of 900 holiday cottages just 20 miles from the capital, to see what large-scale sustainable tourism in action looks Holly Rooke visits French eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of 900 holiday cottages just 20 miles from the capital, to see what large-scale sustainable tourism in action looks likeVillages Nature Paris. Photo: Holly RookeThe new eco-resort Villages Nature Paris, a collaboration between EuroDisney S.C.A. and Groupe Pierre & Vacances Centre Parcs, is a collection of over 900 holiday cottages and apartments set in a tranquil, car-free landscape of forests, lakes and gardens. It expects to attract 1 million

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation: swatches of all 12 shades

press sample affiliate link What’s your shade? IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation swatches If IT Cosmetics had a cheerleading squad, I could be team captain. I get bubbly with happiness when I hear about a new release, and love pretty much everything the brand does. Even though I already own a bounty of IT’s face products, I’m giving a big “YAY team!” to its brand new Bye Bye Foundation release, which expands the color range to 12 versatile shades. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation ($39.50, 1fl oz.) is what it calls a

NEW Aveda Invanti Advanced for Thinning Hair

press sample affiliate link Naturally Thick, Full tresses are only a Pump and a Squeeze Away My hair battles are tortuous. My scalp is mostly to blame. Intensely oily skin and scalp makes for oily hair, greasy scalp and a hyperproliferation of skin cells. Unlike dry dandruff, the dead skin is seemingly glued to my scalp, awaiting exfoliation of some sort (which often is picking…ew, I know). Most things I tried haven’t been great. Nothing has worked across the board. My biggest fear is that I pull hair out with dead skin, damaging my scalp and preventing hair growth. Dear God, please don’t let me go bald. So then

What is The Mitty? And Why Will You Love It?

press sample Anyone who knows me can tell you that there is little I hate more than cluttering up the environment with a bunch of junk. Yes, disposable items are convenient and easy to use, but laziness is no excuse for turning the world into one big, ugly landfill. I don’t even use a whole cotton ball most of the time. Instead, I tear one ball up into a lot of little pieces. Which is

CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion swatches and review

press sample affiliate link Introducing the Korean Skincare Line with a Bright Horizon The Asian aesthetic of clean, simple design is evident in many things that the Western World admires: fashion, décor, organization and, of course, beauty. CLE Cosmetics is a Korean Cosmetic line (that’s actually based in California!) that is minimally designed “for the modern woman”. CLE celebrates the effortless beauty of the natural state, and the self-care that is needed to achieve that beauty. We Wonder Women don’t need much, it seems. Not much more than taking care of ourselves and highlighting our beautiful, imperfect selves. Let’s start with the highlighting part. CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion ($30) is

Beauty from India via SkinYoga

press sample International Beauty via Cosmoprof… Today we have Beauty from India that our editor/founder/chief beauty junkie Stef discovered at Cosmoprof last year, SkinYoga. So, settle into your asana and read on… SkinYoga was founded by three sisters who grew up with a chemical-free lifestyle that was deeply rooted in nature, with a strong belief in the importance of mental, physical and emotional balance. Sisters Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika personally seek out the best sources for their all-natural ingredients, which are inspired by ancient skincare wisdom throughout the world. And of course, they never test on animals (SO important to this animal lover!) I got to check out two products from the

MAC Liptensity Lipstick Swatches and Review

press sample affiliate link I went to the mall on Black Friday, intending to do some Christmas shopping for friends and family. Crazy, right? Just being there was a sensory overload, but things got even more intense at the MAC counter. I was mesmerized by the array of lip color on display. That’s where MAC blew my holiday shopping budget in record time with an updated release of their beyond-brilliant MAC Liptensity Lipsticks ($21) in nine new and three bring-back shades! I fell in love with Liptensity’s creamy, color-packed formula the first time around, and didn’t think I could love it

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Palette swatches, looks and review

press sample affiliate link ROCK goes GLAM this season… ROCK OUT with the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, featuring 20 amped up exclusive shades of metallic eyeshadow with a completely new eyeshadow formula to deliver maximum metallic madness. It’s a seriously jaw dropping palette–every detail of this palette was designed to release your inner glam-rock goddess. And if you act QUICK, it’s on sale at

Ren Perfect Canvas; a Primer, a Serum and Much, Much More

press sample affiliate link Ren Perfect Canvas review I love a perfect face. I haven’t got one, but one can dream. I may have a Botticelli body, but not that creamy Venus skin. My oily skin, big pores and rosacea bumps really make the look of perfection difficult. But I just tried Ren Perfect Canvas (30 ml $55), and I realized that my neglected, angry skin could look a whole lot closer to piece of art than I had ever hoped. I am an artist myself. Ish. I never really took it anywhere. There were

The Latest Must Have Lip Product from Sara Happ

press sample affiliate link Sara Happ Plump & Prime Lip Airbrush Treatment Review Sara Happ’s lip care products get some seriously rave reviews from the we heart this team. Our editor-in-chief Stef has spoke of her love with the delicious array of The Lip Scrub multiple times. And

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Concealer and Powder

press sample affiliate link Kiss your acne and oily skin woes goodbye with IT Cosmetics As a 30-something year old who ADORES IT Cosmetics, and who still frequently struggles with acne and oily skin, I was stoked to see that IT Cosmetics was coming out with products specifically for my skin issues! I’ve always had great experiences with IT Cosmetics products in the past (especially their unbelievably soft cruelty-free makeup brushes, CC creams and concealer). The new IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Powder and Bye

Say Goodbye to Skincare Blues with Schique Intuitive Restoration Mask

And say hello to a fun blue mask! It’s fall, when my face routine needs a boost and I prepare for the inevitable cold and dry weather that always takes a toll on my skin. Just in time, I’ve been introduced to new face mask and an amazing brand, Schique skincare. Schique is a natural, anti-aging line developed by a doctor, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, who was inspired after her mom was diagnosed with skin cancer to create a line sans harsh ingredients. Through her research she found that the daisy family (specifically the Dandelion) has natural protective and healing properties which she then incorporated into the

Saffron…Great for Paella AND Your Hair!

[/symple_highlight] affiliate link In the summer, when a heavy cloud of humidity settles over the east coast, and I don’t even bother trying to blow dry my hair into any semblance of sleekness. In the cold months, when the air is drier, my hair is too. Which also isn’t very good on the “sleek” front! So I must admit, I secretly rolled my eyes at the promises made by the beautiful bottle of Saffron Secret Saffron Hair Oil, Style & Shine (2.0oz $62.95). The box assured me that

Cold Weather is Coming, Make Sure Your Skin is Ready

sponsored post Thank you Aquaphor® for sponsoring this post. Fall is here, and everything is changing. The leaves are shifting colors, the temperature is dropping, and if you’re anything like me, your skin is transforming too, though the result is nowhere near as pretty as an autumn landscape! Because colder weather, for most of us, means dry, rough skin. But, there’s a new product that’s going to help with that: Aquaphor® Ointment Body Spray. And all of the reasons why you’re going to love it are right in the name: A brand with 90+ years of skin healing expertise in a formula that intensely moisturizes. I recently put it to the

Black Phoenix Trading Post: Dog Days of Summer Hair Gloss

press sample BPAL’s sister company does good…VERY good I like dogs more than most people (except for you, you’re awesome). So when I heard that my beloved Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, BPAL for those in the know, created a line of Hair Gloss in ode to all the dogs they loved before, I was in. But when I heard that proceeds benefited the Pasadena Humane Society I KNEW it was my mission to share my love with all of you. And that’s what

Current Favorite Skincare Lines: Kiehl’s and Ren

affiliate link That and more in The Lipstick League, week of 10.2.17 Question of the Week: What’s your favorite CLASSIC skincare line and your favorite NEW skincare line? Answer: Ok, being both a skincare junkie and a beauty blogger, this answer is very fluid. But, here goes… Favorite Skincare Lines CLASSIC: How could it be anything but Kiehl’s, who have been making

Five Fall Beauty Must Haves

This post has been sponsored by Crest. All opinions are my own. sponsored post When fall comes around each year, there are a few things that come to my mind without fail: • I need a new pair of boots. • I want a pumpkin spice latte, I don’t care if that makes me basic. • Time for a beauty revamp! Today we’re going to talk about the beauty revamp portion of that list