Photo: When all else fails, baby foxes!

Our photo of the day offers a perfect escape.

Photo: Portrait of the world’s bravest wildlife photographer

Our photo of the day reveals the lengths a photographer will go to get the shot.

Photo: Trees claimed by Colliford Lake

Our dreamy photo of the day comes from Cornwall, England.

This beautiful albino orangutan is waiting for her ‘forest island’

After rescuing the world’s only known albino orangutan from a cage, a conservation group in Indonesia is raising money to build a special reserve just for her.

Photo: Sleeping on the dock of the bay

Our photo of the day comes from Port San Luis Harbor, California.

Exquisite octopus slinks out of the water, wanders from pool to pool (video)

Specially adapted for land-based maneuvers, the algae octopus also has an enviable mating style and can run on two legs.

The atmosphere is changing the food we eat

It’s called the ‘great nutrient collapse,’ and yet no one is really talking about it.

Patti Smith, rising above and fighting climate change with art

In a press conference for an upcoming Carnegie Hall concert, Smith and the founders of Pathway to Paris talk about art, community, and keeping the spirit up for climate action.

Harvey delivered this fanged, faceless creature to the Texas shore

As Twitter chittered with spooked speculation over the poor sea creature, a Smithsonian biologist provides an explanation.

Photo: Psychedelic dragonfly steals the show

Is it any wonder that so many Tiffany designs were inspired by dragonflies?

Photo: Kodiak bear lounges by the river

Our impressive photo of the day comes from big, beautiful Alaska.

Photo: Golden sea bunny is a sweet sea slug

Jorunna nudibranch sends greetings from New South Wales, Australia.

Photo: Young great gray owl right before take-off

Our wise photo of the day comes from Oregon’s Siskiyou Mountains.

Intelligence of apes misunderstood because of bias and bad science

Apes’ abilities appear to be entirely misunderstood because research has failed to measure them fairly and accurately, according to a new report.

Get to know your trees

Knowing their names and needs, you’ll be more inclined to protect them.

Photo: The puppy dog eyes of a seal pup

Our photo of the day proves that resistance can indeed be futile.

Photo: Lesser yellowleg shows off its golden gams

Our leggy photo of the day comes from Quebec, Canada.

Photo: Great blue heron is a study in stateliness

Our photo of the day comes from Oregon’s Emigrant Lake.

Photo: Cute little treehopper is quite a character

This sprawling family of thorn-mimicking insects is one of the most wonderfully weird ones around.

Photo: Busy squirrel takes care of business

Our industrious photo of the day comes from Oregon’s beautiful Cascade Mountains.

Photo: Chipmunk shows its cute side

… as if there were a side that wasn’t cute?

Watch 150 animal species roam the globe in this amazing migration animation

Globalization, animal-style.

Orangutan mama makes a rain hat of leaves for baby and herself

On International Orangutan Day, we celebrate one of humankind’s closest relatives.