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Who needs ‘baseload’ power? (Or, let the markets do their job)

We should seize the opportunity presented by the Department of Energy’s grid study to ensure tomorrow’s electricity markets work in service of, not contrary to, our society’s goals.

How the blockchain could fight grid cyber-threats

The electricity system is about to experience a several-orders-of-magnitude increase in the number of vulnerabilities to cyber-threats.

Safety concerns overshadow energy-slashing potential of smart homes

Until technology companies address hacking incidents and other security issues, it does little good to talk up the environmental benefits.

Platform-based grids promise a power boost

Platform business models have redefined the modern economy. Next, it may redefine the electric utility sector through DSOs and DERs.

Old, dirty, creaky U.S. electric grid could cost $5 trillion to replace

Where should our infrastructure spending go?

Minnesota plows a path toward a clean energy grid

Despite the icy (and energy intensive) winters, the Minnesota 2025 Energy Action Plan sets the state as a leader in the midwest for low fossil fuel consumption and high renewable energy use.

The hidden risk in the energy-water-food nexus

New report shows that smarter energy systems are critical to thwarting emerging risk.

The smart city solution

Sponsored: Smart lighting and water are just part of the picture.

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Nissan has a new potential perk to help sell the up-front investment in an electric vehicle: Cash in by selling excess power to the grid.

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The Internet of Things and Big Data will give electricity customers lots of options on how and where to get power.