Bill Weihl leaves Facebook; a McKinsey partner goes solo

An Alliance to Save Energy leader electrifies energy efficiency, Terry Yosie asks for career inspiration and mission-driven capital gains Oakland grit.

Calling all value creators, futurists and change agents

A new BSR report finds that evolving roles for the sustainability sector will open exciting leadership opportunities within global companies.

Here’s a simplified approach to sustainability goal-setting

Set targets. Not too many. Mostly about outcomes.

How gourmet chocolate enriches the lives of smallholder farmers

The Uncommon Cacao initiative is reviving chocolate production in countries with a rich tradition.

Can the GRI and SASB reporting frameworks be collaborative?

Tim Mohin, chief executive of GRI, and Jean Rogers, chair of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), about the dance between standards.

How to avoid the ‘climate apocalypse’ in 2018

We might have just 1,000 days left to save the world.

Episode 104: SASB’s breakthrough year; the future of ESCOs

In this episode, electrifying U.S. rails, showing muscle for environmental finance and investors influence climate action.

8 Planet-Friendly Gifts Kids Will Love

By Katie O’Reilly There’s a fine art to setting a mindful example while also providing some good old-fashioned fun. That’s why Sierra scoured toy stores, tech startups, kids’ outfitters and adventure companies for unique gifts that are gentle on the planet, but that also provide developing minds with truly exciting fodder. Behold some of 2017’s most ethically conscious—and awesome—toys, games, gear and more. 1. Piper We’re all about encouraging kids to unplug, but at the same time, we can’t ignore the fact that ours is an increasingly tech-dependent world. So, it doesn’t hurt to instill the fundamentals of coding, engineering and STEM-centric problem-solving at

Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction

Successfully Measure the Benefits of Green Design and Construction Sustainability in Engineering Design and Construction outlines the sustainable practices used in engineering design and construction operations for all types of engineering and construction projects. Aimed at ushering the engineering and construction industry into embracing sustainable practices and green construction techniques, this book addresses sustainability in […]

UTC’s Bill Sisson took its first sustainability role mile-high

“I am a living, breathing example of someone who was the first to be given a sustainability role from our CEO.”

Keeping Your Home Comfortable – and Healthier – With Wool Insulation

By Steve Hanley Sheep’s wool has been keeping people warm for thousands of years. It is by definition all natural, renewable, and recyclable. When used for clothing, its inherent ability to breathe and absorb moisture – keeping it away from the skin – makes it comfortable across a wide range of temperatures. Could it do […] The post Keeping Your Home Comfortable – and Healthier – With Wool Insulation appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Sustainability professionals should ‘surf’ this career roadmap

This four-letter word can regenerate the planet and ensure meaningful jobs for young people.

How Discarded Orange Peels Transformed a Barren Landscape Into a Lush Forest

By Marlene Cimons Orange isn’t just the new black. It’s also the new green. Twenty years ago, an orange juice producer dumped thousands of tons of orange peels and pulp onto a barren section of a Costa Rican national park, which has since transformed into a lush, vine-laden woodland. The shift is a dramatic illustration of how agricultural waste can regenerate

Walmart wants to know the true cost of its products

Katherine Neebe, director of sustainability at Walmart, on supporting the Paris Agreement, consumer activism and leaving a positive legacy.

Dissolvable Milk and Sugar Pods Could Replace Single-Serve Containers

By Dan Nosowitz Sixty-eight percent of coffee drinkers in the U.S. use some kind of addition, either a creamer or a sweetener, or both. And if that addition is coming in the form of a single-serve plastic container, it’s likely ending up in a landfill. These pods—you’ve seen

How a science museum is changing the culture of resiliency

Jonathan Foley, executive director of the California Academy of Sciences, shares the three pillars of wide-scale climate action.

3 digital strategies to make your sustainability story pop

Americans increasingly want to hear your company’s sustainability story, a key way to differentiate your brand. Now, make that story stand out.

Sustainability in the Process Industry: Integration and Optimization (Green Manufacturing & Systems Engineering)

Improve the energy efficiency of process industry practices Sustainability in the Process Industry explains process integration and optimization and discusses applications for improving the energy and water efficiency of industrial as well as nonindustrial energy users. Approaches for adapting these methodologies to include the integration of waste and renewable energy sources are covered. This authoritative […]

Childhood Love of Fish Feeds Seafood Executive’s Passion for Sustainability

By Paul Shively Logan Kock knows what it’s like to depend on the ocean for sustenance. A few years after graduate school, he set off on a voyage from Japan to San Francisco in a 30-foot sailboat with almost nothing but the wind and water to sustain him. “During that whole sailing thing, you are a subsistence fisherman,” Kock said of his two-year journey, which also took him to numerous South

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Money Saving Solutions for a Clean, Green, All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Home (eco-friendly, sustainability, homesteading, … natural cleaning, green home, non-toxic)

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Money Saving Solutions for a Clean, Green, All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly HomeToday only, get this Amazon bestseller for just .99. Regularly pricedat .99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. You’re about to discover how to save money and clean your house using all natural, non-toxic eco-friendly ingredients that are […]

Choosing More Sustainable Pet Food with Annamaet Petfoods

Annamaet Petfoods was founded to give the best nutrition and food to your pets: learn why a veterinarian wanted to start a sustainable pet food company, and how your fur baby can benefit from switching to more sustainable pet foods The post Choosing More Sustainable Pet Food with Annamaet Petfoods appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

How a 110-year-old logistics company is repackaging sustainability

An interview with Ed Rogers, global director of sustainability for UPS.

How AT&T and McDonald’s turn sustainability into sales

Attributes like energy efficiency can enhance the perceived value of a product, but don’t make them the primary focus of messaging.