Climate-fighting beads, record-breaking CO2, fossil-fueled plastics: 3 big stories you might have missed

Human Nature shares three stories from the past week that you should know about.

Nugeni STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System Review

Do you want to know how those all-in-one vacuums and steam cleaners really work? Then check out our in-depth review of the Nugeni Steamer and Vacuum and see for yourself!

This reversible glue puts a screw in manufacturing

It works like a screw and “unclicks” when exposed to a signal after use.

These electric car charging stations help drivers fuel up on sunshine

Brightfield’s Solar Driven charging stations generate clean electricity, feed the grid, and charge electric vehicles.

Solar freakin’ roadway opens in China

Is this totally silly and a waste of time and money, or is it a great leap forward? Or is it too soon to tell?

This Indonesian company turns seaweed into edible & biodegradable packaging

One potential solution to the massive plastic pollution problem could come from Evoware, which makes seaweed-based packaging that is not only 100% biodegradable, but is edible as well.

World’s first solar train will begin service soon in Byron Bay, Australia

The train, which features restored vintage carriages with flexible solar panels on their roofs, will travel between its solar-charging train station and a resort property in Byron Bay.

The missing link for renewable energy investment? Blockchain

We need financial innovation to unlock energy efficiency’s environmental, employment and growth opportunities. Could this technology be the answer?

These solar canopies supply shade & electricity, as well as catch and filter rainwater

A pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed what they claim is “the most advanced integrated plug and play system” for shade, water, and energy.

How to solve the energy ‘trilemma’

It’s where environmental sustainability meets energy security and affordability.

Microsoft cutting emissions by 75% by 2030

The action will prevent 10 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Seafood traceability swims into Silicon Valley

As big names like Aramark and Thai Union progress on supply chains, smaller-fry ‘seatech’ startups bring the promise of satellite and blockchain tech.

Bio-solar wallpaper made with cyanobacteria can be printed with an inkjet

When printed in a precise pattern onto carbon nanotubes on paper, these photosynthetic bacteria can produce electricity from sunlight, which could power biodegradable environmental and medical sensors.

Solar ‘smart’ greenhouses produce both clean electricity & food crops

A new breed of solar panel can do double duty on greenhouse roofs by not only generating renewable electricity, but also by using a light-altering dye to help optimize photosynthesis in the plants beneath them.

Can technology create the ‘humane economy’?

A longtime vegan is betting big on food tech from Impossible Foods, Hampton Creek and Memphis Meats to save animals — and human health.

GreenBiz reveals advisory board for Hawaii clean energy conference

24 thought leaders and key stakeholders to help guide VERGE Hawaii 2018 program.

Tradition meets tech: Can satellite data help indigenous peoples protect their lands?

A new effort seeks to put data tools in the hands of the people on the front lines of conservation: indigenous communities.

5 disruptive technologies driving the circular economy

From Apple’s Liam to the Nigerian company HelloTractor, waste materials are creating value for both emerging and established businesses.

To conserve the ocean, tech helps — but it’s only a start

A tidal wave of technology, from satellite imagery to machine learning, is revolutionizing ocean conservation.

Intel, Eileen Fisher find value in the circular economy

Shifting to the circular economy could release $4.5 trillion in new economic potential by 2030.

Apple eyes ‘lifting’ voice of companies committed to clean energy

Lisa Jackson on the company’s newest renewable energy commitments, circular economy initiatives and what she would say to Scott Pruitt.

Ford is getting into the electric scooter business, sorta

A new licensing agreement between a California electric scooter company and Ford Motor Company could see a Blue Oval branded last mile transport solution for sale in a few months.

This super-bright LED strap light is ridiculously useful (Review)

Personal lighting just took a huge leap forward with the Kogalla RA.