Calling in the Pros When a DIY Fails

Sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You may recall last year that my husband and I remodeled our master bath. It turned out beautiful and I am still in love with how fresh and welcoming it is compared to the dark closet it used to be. Of course, transparency requires me to share that one year later the job is still not 100% done. The framing around the door is still missing. One small section of the wall

Shopping Nature For Free Food – Foraging 101

If you are like me you love to garden and each year you have a lush garden bountiful with fresh produce. I have all the usuals like tomatoes, cukes, carrots, beans, cabbage, strawberries, beets, broccoli, and potatoes. I also have the perennials… elderberries, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, blueberries, red and black raspberries, currants, rhubarb, and asparagus. Every year I spend many hours tending to my little patch of paradise and I shop it regularly. But what about the free and wild food that nature provides? Are you shopping that? If not, you should be!  I spend as many hours

DIY Gardener’s Hand Soap and Scrub

As spring and summer come along and we get busy in the garden this often means long afternoons and evenings spent weeding and tending. When you come in at night your fingers and nails are caked in dirt and a simple wash is rarely sufficient to get it all off. Having a scrub brush by the sink is a life saver and so is a do it yourself gardener’s hand scrub with sugar and essential oils! This heavy duty sugar scrub is great at getting dirt out from under your nails, softening tough calluses, exfoliating layers of dry or

Dollar Store Homestead Supplies

The dollar store has become the hot place to shop it seems. This all passed by me unnoticed. It wasn’t until very recently that I came across a Youtube channel that featured dollar store diy decor ideas that I learned of its popularity. I asked some friends and they were bewildered that I had never shopped there. Buying “cheap plastic crap” did not appeal to me. After seeing some impressive and cheap diy decor projects I decided to step inside and see what they had to offer. While they did certainly have a lot of cheap looking (ie low quality) stuff they also had some things

You Just Bought a House! Don’t Go Broke Making Improvements

So you just bought a house. Congrats! A place of your very own, you are adulting for real now. You are probably itching to make the place the your own and who can blame you? Tap the breaks just a wee bit though. Buying a new home can actually end up being way more expensive than you bargained for when you start decorating or begin a series of renovations. Now is the time to practice contentment and to track every penny in your budget because new home fever can set in and it can get ugly. 

Living and Working Off the Grid

You’ve seen the old movies where there’s a cabin out in the middle of nowhere and the people utilize their talents to live off the land rather than work a 9 to 5 job.  If this appeals to you, even in the modern world this is still possible. You will have to do without some of the

Raising Sheep and Goats: A Source For Natural Products

The search for safe, reliable products can be very difficult at times. We can’t always get enough information to know whether the things we buy for our families will satisfy our standards for purity and quality. The natural response many of us have had is to produce these things ourselves, and many of us have started with fruits and

Hutches and Cages for Homestead Rabbits

So you’ve decided to bring home a few rabbits and add them to your homestead. By now you should have decided how you will house them…cage or colony. There are advantages and disadvantages for each but if you are now reading this article you have perhaps decided on cages. Their cage or hutch will be the place for your rabbit’s food, water, and sleep. If it’s outdoors, it will also provide protection from harmful weather and from predators that would like to harm them. How big of a cage or hutch should you buy? This depends on how big the rabbit is and how much space you can accommodate. Typically, it should be at least four

5 Ways To Preserve and Store Produce

Preserving and storing food is becoming a bit of a lost art and it’s a shame. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers all saw the inherent economic and practical value in learning to preserve food and teaching their daughters to do the same. Some may say that this skill is not as important in this day and age but I think self sufficiency is always important. What do you do when you come across a great deal at the grocery store or the farmers market? What do you do when you’re offered a deal on a bushel of produce that you can’t pass up? What

How to Keep Rabbits Cool in Summer

Really hot summer weather is not fun. We are lucky that we can go inside, crank the A/C, and relax even during the most severe heat waves. But what about homestead animals? The heat is tough on them too and they don’t have the options that we do. When the summer heat kicks into gear there are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your homestead rabbits cooler and more comfortable. I know there are some homesteaders who don’t feel as though one should take any steps because they want to breed out any rabbits that cannot tolerate heat. My stance is that if I lose ANY

Can-It-Forward Day!

Today is Can It Forward Day when we celebrate the art of canning and preserving your own food! In past years, canning and preserving food was a way of life and necessary to survival.  In today’s modern society it is easier to go to your local grocery store and purchase canned goods and preserved foods.  Americans in particular spend large amounts of money on ready-to-eat

Top 5 Reasons Country Living is Better

The debate over which is better, country or city living has been raging for years now. However, moms who love nature will tell you that packing up, hiring a moving company, and hightailing it to the country is a great way to go. No, you don’t have to choose a cabin that is way out in the middle of the woods, but wouldn’t it be nice to live more than 50 feet away from your neighbors. If you are a mom who is on the fence and debating whether to move out of the city or suburbia and make your home in the country

20 Herbs to Grow For Medicinal Home Remedies

As you make your garden plan for spring and you order seeds from catalogs take a moment to think about plants you can grow for their medicinal properties. There are plenty of safe and effective herbs you can grow and use in homemade remedies for everything from first aid uses to illness. Learning about herbs and all their uses is actually quite fun. It is a perfect way to pass time during the dreary, cold winter months. Make a plan now to come to

Raising Rabbits – Colony or Cages?

Once you decide you want to raise some rabbits on your homestead (congrats!) you will ultimately need to decide if you want to raise them in cages or in a colony. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, neither is right or wrong. You just need to figure out what is right for you. You need to consider how easy or hard it will be to clean up after them, breed them, round them up as needed, and what is best for them “healthwise”. Raising homestead rabbits in cages is exactly what it sounds like.

Introducing Raw Food Into Your Dog’s Diet

I have been interested in the raw food movement to some extent for years. I am not a raw foodie but I do realize the importance of having a healthy supply of raw foods in the diet for maximum nutrition. I align more with the paleo food movement and this too promotes maximum nutrient density (raw or no) and also eating what we as humans are meant to eat. Paleo in my opinion is like the the factory settings diet for the body…our optimal diet, the diet we are meant to eat. It only goes to follow that I would also become interested in feeding my animals the food they were meant to eat as well. This omnivorous human

We Got It! Our Suburban Homestead…

Yay!!! I am so excited to share with you all that I am a new homeowner. My husband and I closed on our homestead in June. We bought in a suburb of Columbus (20 minutes away from downtown). It has over half an acre, a nice patch of woods, and a creek running through it. The urban/suburban part has always been important to me. I am not a fan of rural living (been there, done that) and I personally feel that the vehicle