ITDP: e-bikes and e-scooters are climate action

Micromobility can solve the last mile problem and reduce carbon emissions.

Are people on bikes more dangerous than people in cars?

In a word no. But people in cars seem to get a free pass for everything.

Why aren’t young people interested in getting licences or buying cars?

On this Earth Day and in the middle of this Extinction Rebellion, I like to think that it’s because they see what is coming down the road.

The Deliverator electric cargo motorcycle covers the last mile in style

It’s a lot cleaner and greener than your usual delivery van and takes up a lot less space.

The Trump Administration’s ‘Dishonest’ Attack on Fuel-Economy Standards

By John R. PlattThe Trump administration’s plan to freeze fuel-economy standards is “the most spectacular regulatory flip-flop in history,” said a retired EPA engineer who helped to develop new the standards under the Obama administration.”These standards weren’t going to be the ultimate solution for solving the climate problem, but they were a very, very important first step,”

An affogato theory of transportation

Coffee and ice cream and jam (or traffic jams).

Global climate action, meet the bike industry — now, collaborate

Bicycles can make powerful progress along the path to reducing carbon pollution. But “unusual suspects” are missing an opportunity to work together.

10 objectives for assessing Mobility as a Service

MaaS has the potential to transform cities, but first, we need a new paradigm for how we are using it.

Is public transportation a human right?

Greyhound Bus is pulling out of half of Canada, and it is raising a lot of questions.

A wave of electric vehicle charging investment is here

California and New York are moving forward on close to $1 billion, collectively, in EV charging infrastructure.

How UPS navigates a culture of sustainability and innovation

UPS is building partnerships with governments and citizens to help find solutions to environmental and congestion challenges.

Why real estate and insurance lobbies will have a huge influence on climate policy

Billions of dollars in additional, annual potential damages have put these industries on notice.

3 ways that cities can unlock the benefits of electric vehicles

Smarter urban planners will take a more integrated and assertive approach, according to this analysis by Bain and Co.

Raining on the Starman’s Parade: Why Elon Musk’s space stunt was a bad idea

The rest of the world loved the stunt by the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. But beware the new “frontier economics.”

Why GM and Ford face a long road ahead in the race to low-carbon transportation

As electrification charges ahead, today’s leaders come from Germany and Japan.

Another reason to avoid free two-day shipping: they are shipping dogfood by air

The carbon footprint of air freight is ten times that of truck freight; perhaps it’s time for “slow shopping.”

Steep utility fees are killing electric-car charging stations

Sales of EVs are on a roll, but high rates are putting the brakes on fast-charging infrastructure.

The Ray: 18-mile stretch of road is a testbed for a "regenerative highway ecosystem"

What will the highways of the near future look like? This road project aims to create “a corridor that reconnects and restores us.”

Is Your State Bicycle-Friendly?

By Davis Harper Do you live in the safest or the most dangerous state for riding a bike? The 2017 Bicycle Friendly State Report Card has the answer. Each year, the League of American Bicyclists , an advocacy group founded in 1880 to improve street conditions for bikers, releases a detailed ranking that cyclists can use to track where it’s safe, and not so safe, to hop on wheels. The group also monitors each state’s progress toward increased bicycle safety. The rankings are derived from a variety of factors, including five key bicycle-friendly actions, federal data on bicycling conditions, and summaries with feedback on how each state

Bellcycle is a weird front-wheel drive bike that you assemble yourself

With a totally unique upright riding position, front wheel drive, and the ability to assemble it in different configurations, the Bellcycle might just be weird enough to catch on.

Norway surpasses ambitious car CO2 goal, 3 years early

Thanks, Elon.

Buyers of the new Nissan LEAF in Japan can get a free solar array

Owners of the next-gen LEAF in Japan have the option of driving on sunshine for free, and can connect the car to their house as a vehicle-to-home electricity source to mitigate peak power usage.

And the car of the year is … a Ford MegaRaptor?

In which I learn how really out of touch this TreeHugger is with the reality of what people want in a car.