Why do Americans (and Elon Musk) hate public transit so much, and love chasing "Cyberspace Techno-dreams"?

Jarrett Walker, author of Human Transit, blames what he calls “Elite Projection.”

Episode 104: SASB’s breakthrough year; the future of ESCOs

In this episode, electrifying U.S. rails, showing muscle for environmental finance and investors influence climate action.

A good overnight sleeper bus would be a wonderful thing. Then there is the Snoozeliner

There is a real need for comfortable, safe and green ground transportation, not a silly press release.

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times for urban mobility

New services can complement public transit, but they also could lead to worsening traffic congestion and other unwelcome effects if not managed.

Dear Santa, please bring me this electric café racer

This lightweight carbon fiber-framed electric motorcycle from Denzel promises quick, quiet, and clean transportation for under $5000.

Foldable bike helmets made from recycled materials help fight "helmet hassle"

By folding into a size small enough to fit into a bag, LID Helmets aims to help cyclists avoid a common excuse for not wearing head protection.

12 Reasons Bicycling Will Continue to Soar in Popularity

By Jay Walljasper For too long biking has been viewed skeptically as a white-people thing, a big city thing, an ultra-fit athlete thing, a twenty-something thing, a warm weather thing or an upper-middle-class thing. And above all else, it’s seen as a guy thing. But guess what? The times, they are a-changin’. More than 100 million Americans rode a bike in 2014, and bicycles have out-sold cars most years in the U.S. since 2003. Actually, Latinos bike more

Swedish electric car startup offers 5 years of free solar charging to owners

The Uniti electric city car will come bundled with a green charging incentive for buyers in Sweden.

Alphabet, Intel and Walmart: Low-carbon products make business sense

Opportunities abound in these efforts to boost efficiency and cut emissions.

Renewable gas: the hot new fuel from animal waste?

UPS and others are switching to biomethane to save money, while suppliers earn extra money from the sale of credits.

Can a "Life Sticker" prevent door prizes?

Just what we needed: more magical thinking about techno-fixes instead of safe infrastructure and driver education.

Drivers of electric cars in the US can save up to $1,070 per year in fuel costs alone

Above and beyond their ability to reduce local air pollution and carbon emissions, electric vehicles are also starting to make a lot of sense financially as well.

MIT Breakthrough Converts CO2 Emissions Into Fuel, Chemical Feedstocks

Researchers at MIT have developed a new membrane system that could be used to convert power plant CO2 emissions into fuel for cars, trucks and planes, as well as into chemical feedstocks for a variety of products. Funded by Shell Oil and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

This unique trailer allows for bicycle delivery of palletized loads

The BicyLift can be used to lift and haul Euro pallets full of products to congested urban centers, thereby avoiding the need for a truck.

It’s OK to kill someone with a car if you didn’t mean it

In Canada, it’s open season on pedestrians, even if they are on the sidewalk.

UPS will be making some London holiday deliveries with electric bike trailers

As part of the Low Impact City Logistics project, the electric-assist cargo trailers are meant to help ease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution in urban areas.

Marine Transport Vessel Collects Oceanographic Data from Japanese Coast to Advance Research

Today, we are witnessing unusual weather patterns and natural disasters all over the world. Traditional state and corporate barriers must be transcended if we are to combat the universal issue of climate change. With oceans covering 70 percent of the earth’s surface, marine research is vital to climate research. As the operator of an extensive Japanese transport network, Nippon Express has responded to requests from nonprofit Vos Nippon to equip its domestic cargo marine transport vessels with seawater data collection facilities for oceanographic research. As Japan’s largest general logistics company, Nippon Express transports a

BMW proposes elevated e-bike cycleways to ease congestion & speed commutes

Instead of banning cars from city centers, this automaker recommends elevated roads for electric bikes & scooters to ease congestion and emissions.

Would More People Ride the Bus if It Looked and Felt Like a Train?

By Jeff Turrentine It moves through city thoroughfares, towering above automobile traffic. It makes frequent stops to pick up and drop off passengers. It has places to sit, places to stand, and—yes—rubber-tired wheels that go ’round and ’round, all through the town. But don’t call it a bus. It’s a ”

Uber, now working with NASA, is still promising us flying cars

Because if we can’t fix our cities, we might as well just fly over them.

City of 11.9 million will have only electric buses by the end of the year

That’s 14,000 electric buses. In just one city.

How to set up a public electric vehicle charging station, the fast charging edition

As electric vehicle use spreads, demand for more—and faster—charging stations will grow too.

Do hydrogen powered trains make sense?

They actually might in certain cases, using off-peak power at peak times.