Toronto finally gets its Bloor Street Bike Lane, totally thanks to this guy

He did 1600 trips back and forth each day to pad the count of cyclist. Thanks!

This futuristic café racer is actually an electric scooter

The clean and quiet Rumble Motors bike also lets you go from mild to wild with its included motorcycle sound effect.

Toronto’s tweeting, crusading, bike lane clearing Parking Enforcement Officer Kyle Ashley is shut down

It was too good to last.

Ryder backs the Chanje to electric transport with addition of 125 medium-duty trucks

A major player in the truck leasing and rental business is now the exclusive sales partner for Chanje, a medium-duty electric vehicle company.

Chainless electric-assist velomobile is a human-sized transport solution

The PodBike quadricycle claims to be human-powered, but not directly, as its pedals turn a generator instead of the wheels.

This folding electric bike is available for pre-order for as little as $399

The JOLT eBike boasts that it’s the best electric bike on the planet, even though it hasn’t actually launched yet.

30% of the new bikes in Paris’ Vélib’ Métropole bike-share system will be electric

The second generation of Paris’ bike-sharing fleet will see 20,000 bikes hit the streets next year, and 30% of those will feature an electric drivetrain.

Why we don’t need electric cars, but need to get rid of cars

The problems with cars go beyond what comes out of the tailpipe.

New York Mayor cracks down on e-bike delivery guys

He says “Let them drive cars.” That makes so much sense in New York City.

Hey, Logistics Sector – Let’s Talk About the Space Between Your Wheels

The genius physicist Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” This philosophy acts as a backbone of Pauline Dawes’ idea to truly revolutionise the trucking industry. It is very simple: By using the empty space between the wheels on trailers, the sector can cut down on the amount of journeys being made, saving

High aspirations: What’s next for Rocky Mountain Institute

A heightened sense of urgency and purpose as the non-profit marks its 35th anniversary.

RMI @ 35: A conversation with Amory Lovins

The co-founder and life spirit of the Rocky Mountain Institute looks back — and forward.

Stockholm’s new bike share will offer 5,000 electric bikes & cost just $33 per year

The new City Bike program will also feature a ‘bring your own battery’ scheme, leaving the charging to the rider.

This retro-look electric cruiser bike offers vintage style, but no carrying capacity

The recent flush of electric bikes that hide high-tech drive systems in old-school style may not go very far in replacing a car, but they might help get more people on bicycles.

How BlueGreen Alliance uses labor’s voice to defend the low-carbon economy

Its case on job creation is growing strong.

Drop-in electric bike conversion kit employs a friction drive & has a 30-mile range

EAZY Bike aims to make it simple and affordable to convert a bicycle to an e-bike with its 5-pound ‘instant’ $160 system.

Retrofit an electric drive system on any bike with bimoz

The electric bike conversion market is about to see a new entry in the form of a mid-drive unit from a company that just raised close to $1 million in crowdfunding.

Should you pay employees to ditch their car commute?

RMI offers employees cash in lieu of parking, either to put toward an alternate commute or as a reward for not driving. The reward? It’s good for business.

31,000 Americans died on the roads last year because of stupid

We could fix this too, if we really wanted to. But we don’t. Because freedom.

Surprise! Car infotainment systems are a distraction for drivers

New study from the AAA shows that some cars are worse than others.

How transportation infrastructure keeps sustainability on the move

The basic experience of transportation infrastructure has remained the same for the past 50 years. That’s all about to change.

It’s Walk to School Day. So why are we scaring kids and parents off the roads?

It’s getting to the point where they can’t go out without hi viz vests and flashing lights and GPS

Why Going 100% Electric in California Isn’t as Crazy as It Might Seem

By Don Anair California’s top air pollution regulator, Mary Nichols, made headlines last week after making comments to a Bloomberg reporter about the possibility of banning gasoline cars in California. Shortly after that, California Assembly member Phil Ting announced he would introduce state legislation to do just that. Skeptics may raise their eyebrows, but if California is going to meet its long term climate and air quality goals then nearly all future cars and trucks must be