Episode 145: A ballad to Oakland during VERGE 18, clearing the air on carbon removal

Plus, two unique examples of corporate innovation in renewable electricity procurement.

VERGE influencers offer reasons to be hopeful in 2018

Here’s what experts in clean energy, transportation systems and emerging technologies such as the blockchain and artificial intelligence believe could take flight.

Alphabet, Intel and Walmart: Low-carbon products make business sense

Opportunities abound in these efforts to boost efficiency and cut emissions.

How corporate buyers, utilities can embrace the low-carbon future together

More utilities are “in the room” with corporate energy planning, and few companies are seeking a “RExit.”

Why Jason McLennan is optimistic about regenerative buildings

And why living laboratories are central to his plan for spreading the faith.

Here’s what a sustainable highway might look like

On an 18-mile stretch of highway in the heart of Georgia, the late Ray Anderson’s daughter has created a testbed for sustainable transportation nicknamed “the Ray.”

A postcard from Hawaii to the nation’s capital

There still may be some room for collaboration between Hawaii and Washington.

3 ways Hawaii is driving toward sustainable transportation

Plus, an electric vehicle adoption statistic you should remember.

Hawaii aims for a 21st century way to electrify rural areas

The state of Hawaii’s aspirational energy goals include transitioning to 100 percent renewable power by 2045 and doing so in a way that is equitable for its many rural inhabitants.

3 barriers holding equitable cities back

The impacts of climate change and benefits of the transition to renewable power are far from evenly distributed, for now.

Can Hawaii sell tourists on sustainability?

Taking advantage of $15 billion in annual tourism spending while also ramping up local sustainability efforts is no easy task.

Hydrogen fuel finds a home in Hawaii

Hydrogen fuel cells are making a come back in the renewable energy field. And in Hawaii, we’ll soon see hydrogen fuel cells in cars, fleets and microgrids.

The growth of corporate clean energy in 6 charts

Recently, U.S. facilities have begun to offer large-scale renewable energy options to customers. Here, a closer look at the rapid scale-up.

The science of preparing cities for natural disasters

Why not audit expected casualties and expected financial loss in a city in the same way you audit the finances or the creditworthiness of sovereign states?

REBA: More businesses than ever want to buy clean power

It’s the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance’s one-year anniversary. Here’s what the business coalition has accomplished, plus some thoughts about what’s ahead.

How architects can take action on climate change

Market forces are stronger than ever in recognizing and capturing the opportunities around climate-responsible architecture design practices.

Even Rick Perry agrees: Clean power movement is unstoppable

Renewable electricity will account for much of our supply by 2040. Policymakers believe we must act more quickly to decarbonize existing industries.

Platform-based grids promise a power boost

Platform business models have redefined the modern economy. Next, it may redefine the electric utility sector through DSOs and DERs.

Could EVs put the brakes on the utility ‘death spiral’?

The industry could drive entirely new revenue streams and business models by investing in charging stations. Too expensive? Think of it as a branding exercise.

3 key trends peer into the future of connected buildings

Investors are still skittish about early-stage startups selling automation and energy-management apps, but the market for software, sensors and services for smarter offices, factories and groceries stores is maturing gracefully.

The compelling case for creating a nation of microgrids

We so take the electricity infrastructure for granted that we fail to recognize it as a potent public policy tool for economic revitalization. Of all large infrastructures in the United States, nothing is more poised for transformative change, with a host of long- and short-term benefits, as today’s electricity delivery system — not roads, not information technology, not oil, coal and natural gas, not entertainment, not retail, not housing construction, not healthcare.

What success looks like at our VERGE Summit Series

New report on the four half-day, invite-only working sessions with a spectrum of stakeholders focused on generating practical solutions to pressing challenges.

6 takeaways from VERGE’s ‘Utility of the Future’ summit

How will energy utilities and customers adapt in an era of distributed, clean energy sources and smart-grid technologies?