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Holiday Cheer: Drinking Wine Can Be Good for the Environment!

By Stuart Butler Christmas is just around the corner and with it flying reindeer and over-sized turkeys , carol singing and tinsel covered trees. The holiday season also means wine-drinking (and the younger and more excited your children, the more bottles of wine you’ll likely require). For those of us who imbibe, it’s almost impossible to imagine a Christmas without wine . It would be like a Christmas without a fat man in a red suit trying to squeeze down the chimney. Speaking of

Recycled Vintage Wine Bottle Bottle Olive Green Glass Color Dot Earrings

Sweet little dangle earrings that hang just below the ear. to perfectly match our charm and color dot series, or wear just on their own for a little pop of color! Charm measures 10.4mm (just under 1/2 an inch) and is practically weightless, the little charms feature a glowing emerald green gem of recycled antique […]