42 UK Businesses Make World-Leading Pact to Eliminate Plastic Packaging Waste

Building on their individual efforts and those under the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF)’s New Plastics Economy initiative, dozens of businesses have made their commitment to the new UK Plastics Pact. These Pact members include major food and drink brands, manufacturers and retailers right through to plastic reprocessors, and are collectively responsible for over 80 percent of the plastic packaging on products sold through UK supermarkets. The Pact was launched today by the waste reduction experts at WRAP. Initial members include 42 businesses such as Asda, Coca-Cola, Cranswick, Danone, Marks and Spencer (M&S), Nestlé, Novamont, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Sainsbury’s, SUEZ, Tesco, Unilever, Veolia, and Waitrose. An additional 15 organizations

Large-Scale Rollout of Innovative Business Models Key for Creating Value, Reducing Waste

A new series of case studies highlighting the benefits of adopting innovative business models on a large scale has been published by REBus, an EU LIFE+-funded partnership project. To date, REBus has published 25 case studies from organizations in the UK and Netherlands testing a methodology that enables them to transform their strategies into profitable, resilient and more resource-efficient business models (REBMs). In total, 35 organizations have benefited from the expertise, advice and support of the business pilot project over the last two years, including organic mattress company Naturalmat, ethical shoe brand Po-zu and Samsung UK. For Naturalmat, a manufacturer of organic mattresses, sheets and bedding made with 100 percent biodegradable materials

Why a circular economy is good for jobs and growth

This post is by Marcus Gover, chief executive of WRAP, a longstanding member of Green Alliance’s Circular Economy Task Force, which works with leading businesses to develop practical ways to make the circular economy happen. I often find myself explaining to people what the circular economy is not. People commonly think that it’s another way of talking about recycling, that

New Platform Enables Entire Food Value Chain to ‘Takestock,’ Redistribute Would-Be Waste

From 10kg of blueberries to 10-litre tubs of mayonnaise and handmade farmhouse cheese, surplus food is now up for grabs eBay-style, thanks to a new UK-based platform. Using the principles of the infamous auction site, Takestock applies the transaction to solving food waste. The online trading platform efficiently connects owners of surplus stock with buyers, rather than scrapping it. After all, far too much edible food finds its way to landfill. Much of the recent focus has been on consumer waste, and for good reason – food waste charity

Can We Really Cut Food Waste in Half?

It was disappointing to see recent figures from the United Kingdom showing that household food waste is on the rise again (although per capita waste is still roughly constant). The UK became a world leader in curbing food waste when, from 2007 to 2012, its households cut the amount of edible food they threw away by 21 percent. This was the result of a government-funded initiative that combined a consumer-facing campaign and a voluntary agreement involving major retailers and brands to help consumers reduce household food waste. But since 2012, progress has stalled, and it now looks

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Trending: Yet More Actions to Redistribute, Reduce, Recycle Food Waste in the UK

Found to be the worst-performing European country in terms of food waste in a 2015 study, the United Kingdom (UK) certainly seems to be setting a new course. Over the past year, numerous initiatives have been launched in the fight against food waste, including a TV show, zero-waste restaurants and ales, a one-of-a-kind Mr Potato Head and even a town for testing waste-reducing ideas. And just in the past week, a campaign to boost local food waste-to-energy was launched, a five-point action plan for reducing household and commercial food waste was released, and a grocer expanded its redistribution trials for frozen and perishable food. While respectively

Top 10: circular economy resources

A representative of a leading US company recently told me that it was seeking a bigger presence in the UK because of our “thought leadership” on the circular economy. That is in large part due to more than fifteen years … Continue reading →