Postcard from the Pacific: In new film, ocean is the star

A new film showcases the relationship that the people of New Caledonia have with nature.

To feed itself, Hawai‘i must make sea change, study finds

To feed its growing population, Hawai‘i is looking to produce more locally sourced seafood, which has a smaller environmental footprint.

The Green Roof Revolution Spreads to Australia – Living Architecture Monitor magazine (press release) (blog)

Living Architecture Monitor magazine (press release) (blog)The Green Roof Revolution Spreads to AustraliaLiving Architecture Monitor magazine (press release) (blog)… president; Green Roofs Australasia and director, Verdant Solutions Australia says. Incorporating a green roof is a means of giving a project an edge over its competitors, particularly in an era where demand for urban living is rising and space is …

Enjoy a living green roof at this $800K Prospect Heights co-op – 6Sqft (blog)

6Sqft (blog)Enjoy a living green roof at this $800K Prospect Heights co-op6Sqft (blog)This very well thought out, bright and light, architect-designed Prospect Heights co-op has amazing outdoor spaces with a private 350-square-foot roof deck surrounded by a common living green roof. The one-bedroom plus sleeping loft at 430 Sterling …

19 New Trails to Explore as the National Trails System Turns 50

This Saturday, the American Hiking Society is celebrating a very special National Trails Day —2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of the National Trails System Act , which created and protected some of the U.S.’s most loved scenic and historic walks. Now, just in time for Saturday’s festivities, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has announced in a Department of the Interior (DOI) press release Wednesday that he is adding 19 new recreation trails to the national network in 17 different states. “By designating these new national trails, we acknowledge the efforts of local communities to provide outdoor recreational opportunities that can be enjoyed by everyone,” Zinke said. “Our network of national trails provides easily accessible

Parley Continues Its Innovative Campaign to Save Our Oceans With Sports and Fashion Partners

As World Oceans Day approaches June 8, the innovative non-profit Parley for the Oceans is teaming up with partners in the sports and fashion industries to raise awareness about the threats facing our oceans and take action to save them. On Thursday, Adidas announced that it would once again work with Parley for the second annual Run For The Oceans. Starting World Oceans Day and lasting for one month, Adidas will donate $1 for every kilometer run by participants to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program , which targets marine plastic pollution specifically. To participate , runners can download

3 things you didn’t know trees did for you

In honor of International Day of Forests, Human Nature looks into some of the benefits of forests that you might not know about.

Two cute videos teach kids about climate change and smog

Explaining climate science to kids is challenging, which is why clever animated videos can help.

Energy Jobs: Duke Promotions, Centrica and Innogy Go Deeper Into US, Dynapower, Opus One and More

We always seem to start this column with energy storage, so today let’s begin with utilities. Duke Energy has promoted Jim Henning to SVP of customer services. Amy Spiller, a 15-year veteran of Duke, will take his place as president of Duke Energy Ohio and Duke Energy Kentucky, according to Cincinnati

Thank you, Donald Trump, for making Canadians healthier

In response to the new American tariffs, Canada responded by taxing American sweets, meats and whiskies.

Expert: U.S. move on elephants creates ‘uncertainty’

A recent decision by the White House to review each import of elephant trophies creates “uncertainty” about efforts to protect the animals.

In a long-lost city, scientists find an ‘exuberance’ of life

A team of researchers led by Conservation International explored the biological treasures that exist in an inaccessible corner of Central America.

Global warming made Hurricane Harvey more destructive

Last summer, the United states was pummeled with three severe hurricanes in rapid succession. It was a truly awesome display of the power of weather and the country is still reeling from the effects. In the climate community, there has been years of research into the effect that human-caused global warming has on these storms – both their frequency and their power. The prevailing view is that in a warming world, there will likely be fewer such storms, but the storms that form will be more severe. Some research, however, concludes that there will be both more storms and more

Restricting global warming to 1.5C could ‘halve’ risk of biodiversity loss

This is a re-post from Carbon Brief by Daisy Dunne Limiting global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels rather than 2C could halve the number of vertebrate and plant species facing severe range loss by the end of the century, a study finds. The analysis of more than 115,000 species finds that keeping warming at 1.5C – which is the aspirational target of the Paris Agreement – instead of 2C could also cut the number of insects facing severe range loss by two-thirds. However, if countries fail to ramp up their

If you doubt that the AMOC has weakened, read this

A few weeks ago, we’ve argued in a paper in Nature that the Atlantic overturning circulation (sometimes popularly dubbed the Gulf Stream System) has weakened significantly since the late 19th Century, with most of the decline happening since the mid-20th Century. We have since received much praise for our study from colleagues around the world (thanks for

Does global warming make tropical cyclones stronger?

By Stefan Rahmstorf, Kerry Emanuel, Mike Mann and Jim Kossin Friday marks the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which will be watched with interest after last year’s season broke a number of records and e.g. devastated Puerto Rico’s power grid, causing serious problems that persist today. One of us (Mike) is part of a team that has issued a seasonal forecast (see Kozar et al 2012) calling for a roughly average season

Save Money By Learning When To Buy Organic: The New "Dirty Dozen" Plus

Image via WikipediaEating fresh fruits and vegetables is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle; and while no one wants to eat produce that is full of pesticides, most of us are and don’t even realize it. There are many benefits of eating organic food: most importantly, they’re pesticide-free, meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used to grow it. Unfortunately, organic food almost always costs more than conventionally-grown produce. As I mentioned in my post, “Do You Know When To Buy Organic?”, most of us cannot afford to buy all organic produce; it’s just too expensive, especially in today’s economy. That’s why knowing what’s most

Guest Post: 4 Considerations Before Installing Solar Panels by Tali Wee of Zillow

Practical steps for protecting the planet include recycling, composting, driving a hybrid car and turning the heat down in the wintertime. However, homeowners who wish to be more proactive in the sustainability movement may choose to install solar panels on the roofs of their homes.Solar power is not only environmentally responsible, but also offers monetary incentives to homeowners. As fossil fuels continue to rise

Dropping the ball: how the sports industry affects biodiversity

Tourism and energy and mining, oh my.

Bug Be Gone DIY Candles with Beeswax

Beeswax is the building block of really great candles. These amazing candles really help to keep the bugs at bay. Enjoy many more hours outside without the pungent overpowering smell of bug spray with this super easy solution. Citronella is great for mosquitoes while peppermint and lemon eucalyptus will send those black flies and horse flies packing. 1/2 lb beeswax (I use the dregs of old soy candles too if I have them) 8 drops citronella oil 8 drops lemon eucalyptus oil 8 drop peppermint oil 1 skewer string jars In two mason jars (I’ve recycled yogurt jars here), grate your old candles or beesewax. Use a skewer to hang a piece of string in the middle of the jar for

Beautiful Tiny House with Pizza Oven cost just $15,000!

When people think of tiny houses they often think of minimalist homes with environmentally friendly amenities. You wouldn’t imagine a pizza oven fitting into one of these homes, which are typically less than 400-square-feet big. Yet this is exactly what Robert and Rebekah Sofia have built into their 221-square-foot home. The couple knew early on that they wanted a space that would be vibrant and fun, while staying within budget. To this end, they planned and used as many reclaimed materials as possible. From corrugated metal

Dyson’s Awesome New Vacuum: DC65

Dyson’s got a new vacuum out, the Animal Complete DC65, and I think it’s their best one yet. Of course it’s beautiful. It has a fucsia top and some bright purple accents, paired with a charcoal gray body, it’s functional art like everything else Dyson makes. So they had me at first glance.Now for the function. I’ve tried several of their vacuums, and this is my new favorite, they just keep getting better and better. They redesigned the airflow and brush bar to be more

One year on: U.S. business is still committed to the Paris Agreement

Trump says we’re out. This is why we’re still in.