4 things you didn’t know elephants do for you

On top of being amazing creatures, elephants actually make life better for all of us, sometimes in surprising ways.

Marine parks: big or small? Both, says oceans expert

What should marine protected areas look like, and how large should they be?

Australia bid to drop protected waters the wrong move, experts say

This week, Australia’s parliament will decide whether to scuttle planned protections for its abundant waters.

Tesla Powerpacks Balance the European Grid in REstore’s New Virtual Power Plant

On the site of an old coal mine in Belgium's only national park, Centrica Business Solutions’ flexibility provider REstore has launched a 32-megawatt virtual power plant, with a distribution-grid-connected 18.2-megawatt Tesla Powerpack storage system. The project took six months from inception to operation; the battery installation took about five weeks

3 hopeful stories for endangered species

In honor of Endangered Species Day, Human Nature highlights three recent signs of hope for some of the world’s most threatened animals.

Energy Jobs: Tesla Flattens Exec Roles, Juergen Steps Down at SolarWorld, Plus ComEd, AMS and More

As the old newspaper adage goes, “If it bleeds, it leads.” And if it’s Tesla that is bleeding executives, of course we’ll start there. Elon Musk said in a company memo that he’s flattening out the executive structure at the company, according to the The Wall Street Journal. But it’s hardly a sudden hemorrhage. Axios has a nice laundry list

The all-natural ‘Wellness Kitchen’ includes a beautiful living herb wall – Inhabitat

InhabitatThe all-natural 'Wellness Kitchen' includes a beautiful living herb wallInhabitatKitchens are often the heart of any home, and now an innovative company is giving our beloved cooking space a healthy and sustainable makeover. Interior design company Finch London recently unveiled its beautiful bespoke rose-colored “Wellness …and more »

The Rush of Riverfront Living – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalThe Rush of Riverfront LivingWall Street JournalA German Villa Hits New Heights. Clara Tuma for The Wall Street Journal. The Stuttgart architect behind the Boston-area Genzyme Center spent $2.5 million creating a luxury showpiece for green living …

Villages Nature Paris

Description: Holly Rooke visits French resort Villages Nature Paris, a large collection of holiday cottages just 20 miles from the French capital, to see large scale sustainable tourism in action. Holly Rooke visits French resort Villages Nature Paris, a collection of holiday cottages just 20 miles from the French capital, to see how it has incorporated sustainable principles into its large scale design and operations.Au naturel. Villages Nature Paris. Photo: Holly RookeThe new resort Villages Nature Paris, a collaboration between EuroDisney S.C.A

EPA Chief Pruitt Admits to Breaking Law in Senate Hearing, Democrats Say

Scandal-ridden Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) Administrator Scott Pruitt faced his third congressional hearing in less than a month Wednesday, admitting to an act that Democrats say broke federal law, The New York Times reported . In the hearing, which was supposed to be a routine budget hearing conducted by the

SkS Analogy 12 – A Sinking ship reaches new heights

Tag Line A sinking ship reaches new heights. Elevator Statement For a sinking ship the stern may be unusually low, the bow unusually high, and on average, the whole thing is going down. We cannot infer what is happening to the ship just by what is happening to one part. We must look at the entire ship. It seems that at least one US Senator did not understand this relationship between the environment’s local extremes and global means when he found snow in front of the US capital, in February, and thought it meant that Global Warming had stopped.1 If he had watched the news that night, he might

Unprecedented Colorado River Water Shortage Could Be Declared in 2020

After years of unrelenting drought , federal forecasters reported there are better-than-even odds that the nation’s largest reservoir will decline into shortage conditions by 2020, forcing Arizona, Nevada and Mexico to reduce their Colorado River water use. Millions of U.S. residents and farmers are served by the Lake Mead reservoir that’s supplied by the Colorado. However, water levels have dropped consistently after years of back-to-back drought. The reservoir is considered full at 1,220 feet above sea level, which has not been seen since 1983. If the lake’s surface elevation falls below 1,075 feet in January of any given year, it would trigger the first-ever federal shortage declaration. Worryingly, the latest projections from the the U

California, battered by global warming’s weather whiplash, is fighting to stop it

In 1988 – the same year Nasa’s James Hansen warned Congress about the threats posed by human-caused global warming – water expert Peter Gleick wrote about the wet and dry extremes that it would create for California: California will get the worst of all possible worlds – more flooding in the winter, less available water in the summer. Three decades later, California has been ravaged by just this sort of weather whiplash. The state experienced its worst drought in over a millennium from 2012 to 2016, followed immediately by its

Multi-level lakeside cabin recomposes relationship to nature

This quiet retreat has an interesting interior of overlapping layers that welcomes the outdoors in.

The new carnivores: humans who eat only meat

Consuming between 2 and 4 pounds of steak daily, adherents of this new and extreme diet challenge everything that plant-based eaters believe in.

Stronger evidence for a weaker Atlantic overturning circulation

Through two new studies in Nature, the weakening of the Gulf Stream System is back in the scientific headlines. But even before that, interesting new papers have been published – high time for an update on this topic. Let’s start with tomorrow’s issue of Nature, which besides the two new studies (one of which I was involved in) also includes a News&Views commentary. Everything revolves around the question of whether the Gulf Stream System has already weakened. Climate models predict this will be one consequence of global warming – alongside

Parched Cape Town’s lesson for cities: Protect nature

Human Nature talked to Conservation International’s freshwater lead about what cities have to do to protect their water supplies in a changing climate.

In a first, a drone helps nab illegal logger in Peru

A man was caught illegally cutting down trees in Peru’s Alto Mayo Protected Forest.

The Alsup Aftermath

The presentations from the Climate Science tutorial last month have all been posted (links below), and Myles Allen (the first presenter for the plaintiffs) gives his impression of the events. Guest Commentary by Myles Allen A few weeks ago, I had an unusual — and challenging — assignment: providing a one-hour “tutorial” on the basic science of human-induced climate change to a Federal District Court in San

‘We’re still in:’ From meme to movement with Microsoft, WWF, Ceres & Ingersoll Rand

Sustainability leaders discuss following through with their Paris Agreement goals, despite the US’ withdrawal. Find insights from Marty Spitzer of WWF, Anne Kelly of Ceres, Jim Hanna of Microsoft and Holly Emerson of Ingersoll Rand.

Artist Builds Glass Tiny House that Dreams are Made of Deep in the Woods

Neile Cooper has created a thing of breathtaking beauty in the woods behind her house in Mohawk, New Jersey. When she needed a reading room and studio, this talented artist and jewelry maker did what she she does best. Crafted from old windows and handmade glass panels, this cabin deep in the lush woods is just stunning. The frame of the cabin was created from lumber and filled in with old, repurposed windows. The

Why the energy finance cycle is prime for disruption

Here’s what industry leaders say that the renewable energy market’s quick expansion means.

Thrift Stores Are NOT Your Friend Until They Are

At the risk of sounding like a Scrooge, I’m going to make a bold statement, but don’t write me off just yet. Read on before you decide. It’s not always a good financial practice to give away your old stuff to charity. I can’t believe I just said that in print. But let’s be real here. Charities often run thrift stores