Greentraveller’s Guide to Pelion

Greentraveller and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO UK & Ireland) have published an online guide to Pelion, Greece.Greentraveller’s Guide to Pelion is an online guide to over 50 recommendations for where to stay, eat and what to do on the peninsula.The guide features a range of accommodation from the grand stone mansions that grace Pelion’s mountain villages to a simple guesthouses nestled in the chestnut woods, as well as a

A foodie tour of Pelion

Description: Clare Hargeaves samples some of the best local food and drink on a foodie tour of Greece's Pelion Peninsula As we launch our Greentraveller’s Guide to Pelion, Clare Hargreaves surveys the region’s foodie scene.Greece’s Pelion Peninsula is the mountainous boot that sweeps its heel into the Aegean Sea midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. Here, bare rocky landscapes give way to lush sweet chestnut woods that jostle for space with fruit orchards and olive groves, gurgling streams and fountains, and stone and slate villages that tumble down the flanks of mighty Mount Pelion. Homer

The culture and heritage of the Pelion Peninsula

Description: Clare Hargreaves learns about the rich culture and heritage of the Pelion Peninsula, midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. As we launch our Greentraveller’s Guide to Pelion, Clare Hargreaves learns about the culture and heritage of the Pelion peninsula, midway between Athens and Thessaloniki.Giants, centaurs, Olympian gods and demi-gods, Jason and the Argonauts…. the Pelion Peninsula

Where to target ocean conservation? New research points the way

Around the world, oceans are providers: of food, of livelihoods, of entire economies. But, where do people depend on them

Best of 2018: Satellite tags shed light on sea turtle treks

Knowing where the turtles go is the first step to protecting them.

This kid dices onions and wields a kitchen torch

Week 6 of our meal-prepping series will introduce you to a dad who’s serious about teaching his kids how to cook.

Here’s a dash of hope for climate change

This speech cheered me up, so I thought I’d share.

How to design a truly sustainable office building

Here’s a checklist for an extreme green dream office, courtesy of Dr. Peter Rickaby.

626 organizations back legislation to address climate change

A modest proposal

As emissions rise, UN climate talks take on greater urgency

Shyla Raghav, CI’s climate change lead, discusses the importance of the UN climate talks in the face of a new report.

The climate talks: 3 things you need to know

Three takeaways from the UN climate negotiations.

Best of 2018: To save marine habitats, conservationists find natural ally: surfers

Hundreds of areas with world-class waves also contain a variety of diverse marine species.

The year ahead in climate change

A look ahead at climate change in 2019.

AEP Bounces Back From Wind Catcher Cancellation With 1.2GW RFP

Southwestern Electric Power Company this week released a request for proposals for up to 1.2 gigawatts of wind resources, six months after the cancellation of its ambitious Wind Catcher project. SWEPCO, a subsidiary of American Electric Power (AEP), said it will accept proposals of 100+ megawatts until March 1. Projects should be put into service before December 15, 2021 to take advantage of at least 80 percent of the federal Production Tax Credit. AEP nixed the Wind Catcher project in July, after a regulatory tussle and an ultimate rejection from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. Despite that high-profile setback — Wind Catcher was to be the largest U.S. wind project at

Looming Supply Chain Crunch Threatens US Wind Energy Boom

While the U.S. wind energy installation outlook looks bright — more than 23 gigawatts in new capacity forecast over the next two years — looming unforeseen supply chain bottlenecks could lead to project cancellations and postponements. This could put as much as $2.1 billion of revenue at risk, according to a

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #1

A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week, i.e., Sun, Dec 31, 2018 through Sat, Jan 5, 2019 Editor’s Pick A Terrifying Sea-Level Prediction Now Looks Far Less Likely But experts warn that our overall picture of sea-level rise looks far scarier today than it did even five years ago. A

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #1

Story of the Week… Editorial of the Week… Toon of the Week… Coming Soon on SkS… Poster of the Week… SkS Week in Review… Story of the Week… Katharine Hayhoe: ‘A thermometer is not liberal or conservative’ Katharine Hayhoe: ‘Fear is a short-term spur to action, but to make changes over the long term, we must have hope.’ Photograph: Randal Ford

Bending low with Bated breath

“Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key, With bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness…?”Shylock (Merchant of Venice, Act 1, Scene 3) As dark nights draw in, the venerable contrarians at the GWPF are still up late commissioning silly pseudo-rebuttals to mainstream science. The latest, which no-one was awaiting with any kind of breath, is by Dr. Ray Bates (rtd.) which purports to be a take-down of the recent #SR15 report. As Peter Thorne (an IPCC author) correctly noted, this report is a “cut-and-paste of long-debunked arguments”. I’ve grown a little weary of

Compare: The Best Places to Buy Organic Food Online to Help You Save Money

A comparison of the best places to buy organic food online so you can eat healthy and save money at…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

8 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home to Save Money & the Planet

Simple, actionable tips to reduce waste at home and on-the-go that help the planet by lowering the…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

15 Healthiest Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: Get Leaner and Save Money, Too!

What if I told you that you could be more fit, boost your antioxidant intake, and save money — all at the same time? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I've put together a list of 15 frozen fruits and vegetables – yes, frozen – that will help you do just that!Especially during the winter months, fresh produce is limited – or expensive – in most of the country, which forces many of us to turn to either canned or frozen fruits and veggies. While canned vegetables tend to lose a lot of nutrients during

Get Ready to Glow! Let Pixi Skintreats Help…

press sample affiliate link For ten years, Pixi Skintreats has been the affordable skincare line for discerning beauty-obsessed beings on a budget. Beginning in London, the brand exploded worldwide due to their simple, natural products that work. Flawless and fuss-free is their mantra, and, unsurprisingly, it’s mine, too. As I ride out my 40’s, I find myself drowning in an ocean of overpriced products, all promising skin-saving miracles. Pixi is one of the few that threw me a live saver I can afford. The Skin Rescue Essentials that Pixi has lined up are to “restore, revive and reveal your radiance.” To do this, they give us Glow-O2 Oxygen

REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm: Anger Management for Your Skin

press sample affiliate link Angry skin. I’ve got it. Many of us have it. The pros tend to call it “rosacea,” but I just call it “angry skin”. My skin can get angry at extreme cold or extreme heat. It can get angry at my third cup of coffee or my first glass of red wine. It gets slightly upset at habaneros, and mad at many a face wash. This general sensitivity is usually combated with good sense and good cosmetics. The first often escapes me, but I found REN goes a long way in helping me with the second. I first became enamored with REN after trying their Perfect