ITDP: e-bikes and e-scooters are climate action

Micromobility can solve the last mile problem and reduce carbon emissions.

Photo: Misty path announces autumn

It may still feel like summer, but our photo of the day begs to differ.

7 Projects That Could Put the US Ahead in Floating Offshore Wind

The U.S. is late to the offshore wind party compared to Europe and China. And the injection of new regulatory uncertainty in the shape of permitting delays at Vineyard Wind's 800-megawatt project won't help firm up supply-chain investment. Many of the largest U.S. offshore wind projects are backed by

First Solar Inks 1.7GW Series 6 Module Deal With Intersect Power

First Solar has inked a deal to supply 1.7 gigawatts of its solar modules to Intersect Power, as solar manufacturers and U.S. developers race to push through projects in advance of the wind-down of federal Investment Tax Credit. Tuesday’s announcement, made during the first day of the Solar Power International conference, marks the biggest order yet for the Arizona-based solar manufacturer's Series 6 larger-format thin-film solar modules

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #37

Story of the Week… Editorial of the Week… Toon of the Week… Coming Soon on SkS… Climate Feedback Reviews… SkS Week in Review… Poster of the Week… Story of the Week… ‘Going to the streets again’: what you need to know about Friday’s climate strike Organisers expect a stronger presence from unions, workers and companies as student activists reach out to adults Australian school students are set to walk out of classrooms again to call for climate action as part of a global strike three days before a UN summit. Photograph: Dan Peled/AAP Thousands of Australian school

2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #38

Story of the Week… Toon of the Week… Coming Soon on SkS… Climate Feedback Reviews… SkS Week in Review… Poster of the Week… Story of the Week… Global Climate in 2015-2019: Climate change accelerates Record greenhouse gas concentrations mean further warming The tell-tale signs and impacts of climate change – such as sea level rise, ice loss and extreme weather – increased during 2015-2019, which is set to be the warmest five-year period

AMS Makes Money for Wind Farms by Turning Them Off

Advanced Microgrid Solutions branched out of commercial storage development in 2017, promising big things in the energy software space. Last October, the company signaled an interest in Australia's fast-paced energy market. A period of radio silence ensued. The quiet period is over. In the intervening time, AMS signed five commercial contracts in Australia to algorithmically dispatch 2,000 megawatts of renewables and storage, founder

From Science Project to Money Maker: Energy Storage Hits Inflection Point

In 2014, the vast majority of storage projects Greensmith Energy was working on might have best been described as science projects, often dependent on grants or utility R&D budgets devoted to figuring out emerging technologies. But there was one 20-megawatt project in PJM territory that was unlike all of the

Skeptical Science New Research for Week #38, 2019

36 articles with 8 as open access Natural variability With search variables held constant, our collection of articles this week is relatively small compared to others. It’s likely not a secular trend. Could it be the time of year? Given how journal editors must hound reviewers for comments on papers, the chronological smearing effect of procrastination means seasonality is an unlikely candidate for paltry search results. Publication schedules are as much aspirational as they are material and

A brief guide to the impacts of climate change on food production

This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections by Daisy Simmons with input from from Dana Nuccitelli on the latest IPCC report Food may be a universal language – but in these record-breaking hot days, so too is climate change. With July clocking in as the hottest month on Earth in recorded history and extreme weather ramping up globally, farmers are facing the brunt of climate change in croplands and pastures around the world. Here in the U.S., for instance, climate impacts like more downpours make it harder to avert flooding and erosion on farms across

How much CO2 your country can still emit, in three simple steps

Everyone is talking about emissions budgets – what are they and what do they mean for your country? Our CO2 emissions are causing global heating. If we want to stop global warming at a given temperature level, we can emit only a limited amount of CO2. That’s our emissions budget. I explained it here at RealClimate a couple of years ago: First of all – what the heck is an “emissions budget” for CO2? Behind this concept is

The Antarctic ice sheet is melting and, yeah, it’s probably our fault.

Glaciers in West Antarctica have thinned and accelerated in the last few decades. A new paper provides some of the first evidence that this is due to human activities. by Eric Steig It’s been some time since I wrote anything for RealClimate. In the interim there’s been a lot of important new work in the area of my primary research interest – Antarctica. Much of it is aimed at addressing the central question in Antarctic glaciology: How much ice is going to be lost from the West Antarctic ice sheet, and how soon?

6 Fitness Activities to Connect You With Nature

If you’re looking to work on your fitness and you love the outdoors, why not combine them? Some of the best ways to promote fitness are outdoors. Practice any of the fitness activities discussed here, and you’re likely to build strength, confidence, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you take the time to connect with Mother Nature. 1). Stand Up Paddle Boarding There are a lot of really wonderful things to say about stand up paddle boarding (SUP), an activity

Important Truths I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Marriage

This month closes 20 years of marriage for me and begins my my 21st year. I am feeling very nostalgic and even a bit sad as my Facebook memories from this week last year have begun. We spent a week in Vegas celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and it was the single best vacation of our lives. I want nothing more than to be doing it all over again. It was fun to be in a city we love yes, but also to spend a week celebrating and

Top Tips for a Healthy Back-to-School Season

Learn how to help kids have a healthy back-to-school season with nutritious food, non-toxic lunch…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

The Best Natural Skin Care Routine for Babies – and Why Less is More

Learn the importance of natural skin care for babies in this interview with Melinda from Earth Mama…Read the whole entry… » ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice

This is a super easy, super fast, and super frugal recipe. It is perfect for eating when you are eating “beans and rice, rice and beans” ala Dave Ramsey. It is also an incredibly versatile recipe because you can switch up the spices, herbs, rice, etc to make it Cajun

Eco-friendly Energy Solutions For Powering Your Home

On average, Americans spend the majority of energy and electricity in the privacy of their own homes. Home is where we do our eating, cooking, living, breathing: it is the place most highly associated with using gas and energy to power our lives. Fortunately, recent innovations in tech have enabled new solutions for energy efficiency in the homestead. These solutions are designed to lower

Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream Review

affiliate link Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream Review: Is it a savior for our peeper puff? My undereye battles have been well-documented during my decade as a WHT reviewer. To recap: everything makes my eyes puff up, and very little helps de-puff them. This ongoing issue is the reason I got so excited when I heard about an eye cream that immediately diminishes puffiness and dark circles. In this we heart this Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream review, we wonder could Sunday Riley Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream be the

Welcome to the Global Climate Strike: The Largest-Ever Mobilization to Fight Climate Change

Here we are! We’ve arrived at the first-ever Global Climate Strike, the first of two massive mobilizations (the second next week, on Sept. 27) where over 150 corporations, 6,000 websites and hundreds of thousands of citizens around the world have been inspired (and, possibly, embarrassed) into action by perhaps history’s most influential 16-year-old, climate

Climate Week NYC: 3M, HP Among Brands Using Their Might, Science to Protect Precious Resources

3M, Clean Air Asia partner to improve air quality in two at-risk Asian cities New Delhi, India | Image credit: alvpics/Pixabay Coinciding with its participation in Climate Week and the UN General Assembly, 3M has partnered with international NGO Clean Air Asia on science-based air quality solutions for New Delhi, India and Metro Manila, Philippines; ultimately advancing the organization’s mission to create healthier, more livable cities in Asia.  To move toward this goal, 3M will spend the next five years assisting Clean Air Asia in its efforts to assess baseline air quality conditions, design capacity-building programs for air quality management, implement awareness and education campaigns, develop

Two-part tiny home has a mobile studio that travels

Two structures are joined by a deck; one part on a solid foundation, the other on wheels to become a traveling studio and performance space.

Are people on bikes more dangerous than people in cars?

In a word no. But people in cars seem to get a free pass for everything.